Save Time and Money with Lindapter Fixings

The contractor G&G Engineering evaluated different connection products for reliability and longevity before deciding that Lindapter’s fixings were the best choice for the application due to Lindapter’s range of independent technical approvals and over 80 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing steelwork connections. After speaking to Lindapter’s technical team, the contractor decided that M12 Hollo-Bolt Flush Fit should be used to secure the chequer plates back to the existing chequer plate flooring. The Flush Fit head variant of the Hollo-Bolt provides a flush finish, meaning that the top of the connection will be level with the steel. Sherwin Williams and the installers were confident that the Hollo-Bolt Flush Fit was the correct choice for the application due to the independently approved safe working loads and range of product approvals.

The contractors cut a hole through both layers of Durbar® with a Rotabroach drill and then installed the Hollo-Bolt Flush Fit with a torque wrench. Lee Grain from G&G Engineering commented ‘The simple installation process was standardised and repeated from above, without the need for any costly scaffolding or elevated floors. Hollo-Bolt’s rapid installation helped us to meet our client’s deadlines and ensure no disruption to the factory or warehouse.’

The Hollo-Bolt is the original expansion bolt for structural steel that was invented by Lindapter in 1995. Unlike conventional bolts, the fastener can be installed from one side of the steel and is therefore suitable for hollow sections, tubes and where access is available from one side only. Since its invention, Lindapter’s research and development team and technical department have developed the range of Hollo-Bolts to include several head types as well as the patented Hollo-Bolt HCF, which is a high clamping force design for heavy duty applications.

Hollo-Bolt is the only expansion bolt which is featured in the BCSA and BSI guide to simple connections, commonly referred to as the green book. In addition, it is also the only expansion bolt for structural steel with CE Mark and full ICC-ES seismic approval for resisting wind loads and seismic loads in all seismic design categories.

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