Numerous machines are impaired in their performance by vibrations. To counteract this, the German durcrete GmbH has developed the lightweight and highly damping filler material durcrete®cell.

durcrete®cell is a mineral filler to reduce vibrations in metallic structures. Damping is increased by over 300% and vibration amplitudes are reliably reduced. The damping material eliminates harmonics caused by sheet metal vibrations and reduces noise radiation. With its balanced weight-to-rigidity ratio, the lightweight material is ideal for moving components and for filling hollow steel and aluminum sections. While natural frequencies are changed only minimally, guiding rails and motors can be designed economically and the machine retains its dynamics. The material is optimally used as a filling material in machine tools, in automatic placement machines and in measuring technology. The non-combustible foam is impermeable to liquids and vapor and can be used at temperatures between – 200°C and + 400°C.

durcrete®cell is supplied as plate ware and can be easily cut to size using woodworking tools. It is best pressed into hollow sections; for larger components, bonding is the ideal solution. The uncomplicated material, which is harmless to health, requires neither experience nor special qualifications.

Because of its damping properties, solid materials such as mineral cast or polymer concrete have been the material of choice for machine tool frames for decades. Durcrete GmbH is the market leader in heavy machine beds made of cementitious ultra-high performance concrete – UHPC. With durcrete®cell, the company is expanding its product range for vibration damping of structural components to include a lightweight filler for moving components.

durcrete GmbH

Am Huttig 4, 65549 Limburg

Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Sagmeister

+49 6431 5840376


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