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Process monitoring using colour change


Thermoprint: A range of inks that change colour when their temperature reaches a “switch” point.  They are used as indicators to show Tamper Evidence, or to offer Brand Security, or used as Cooking/Reheating indicators, etc.

Thermosil:  These inks are versions of Thermoprint that can be heated by direct thermal printers and hence be a low-cost way to produce thermal labels.  An added advantage is that the quality of print will be improved.


Thermoswell: Inks that expand when they are heated.  The swell can be high to produce a soft-feel surface, or can be lower in to give the hard finish needed for printed Braille.


Thermocheck: These indicators are used to monitor a baking or annealing heat-treatment.


ThermAlert: Labels made with Thermoprint inks, used to alert to overheating in motors, gearboxes, switches, plugs, pumps, discrete components, etc.


Thermochromic: Inks which fade on heating, but recover their colour when the temperature falls again.  They have been used as low-level security features.


Silmark:  Silmark is the name of Siltech’s patented, non-contact printing technology.  It has numerous advantages over inkjet when used for Marking and Coding.  The light beam from a laser is used as the print engine, and accordingly is a high-speed, high-quality, inexpensive, and “green” printing/coding system.


Silkotac: A printable/coatable ink/lacquer designed to impart a soft silky tactility, at the same time being robust.  The black version has been compared with velvet.


Thermolak: A water-based Overprint Varnish which is used to protect print (including Thermoprint).  It is available clear, opaque or coloured.


Relacsil: An ink/lacquer which prints or coats down to produce a low-energy surface; it is a release lacquer.  It is used for tamper-evidence to counter the use of freezer spray as a means to enter a package.


UviBlock:  A lacquer which, to the eye, is perfectly transparent.  However, in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, below 370nm, it is opaque, its absorbance approaching 100%.  Numerous applications where protection from UV is required.


SilproCheck: Retorting indicators that provide archival proof of treatment.


Sterisure: Inks and label indicators which monitor the Steam, Gamma radiation, Ethylene oxide, and Gas-plasma sterilisation processes.


Suncheck: Monitors (Stickers, Wristbands, Cards, Labels, etc.) to protect the skin against the harmful effects of the UV in sunshine.

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