Not every company’s projects run over time and over budget. There’s a significant sub-set that consistently deliver projects twice as fast as their competitors. The secret is a radically different approach to project execution – Critical Chain.

Phase 3 plastics

Phase 3 plastics design and manufacture thermoformed plastic and packaging solutions for the Aerospace, Defence, Electronic, Medical and Healthcare Industries – providing you with complete confidence in their progressive design applications.

The Evolution of Slot Machine Engineering

Photo by Linnaea Mallette / CC0

Slot machine technology has changed significantly over the years

The last 100 years have seen unprecedented technological advancements. From moon landings and computer science to mobile technology and transportation systems, our knowledge and understanding of technology continue to improve and expand each and every year. But it’s not just solutions and exploration that technology seeks to improve. It’s also the way we have fun!

AC-DC Battery Backed Power System Rack Mounting up to 300 Watts in 1U

The PFD Series Battery Backed Power Supply is a no break system to provide constant power without interruption in the event of an AC mains failure. Available in 150W and 300W versions and nominal DC outputs of 12V, 24V or 48V. Higher power versions can also be built to customers specification. Consult sales office for details

Phoenix Systems UK Limited are a highly skilled Sub-Contract Service provider, with an AS9100 Quality Management System.

The company is truly world class in every way, and predominantly serves the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Industrial industry sectors.

New low cost Audio Test & Measurement solutions: dScope M1 Analyzer and Loudspeaker Test Chambers

Prism Sound Test & Measurement relaunches as Spectral Measurement with two great new solutions: the dScope Series III M1 range of high-performance, low cost audio analyzers and the range of Loudspeaker Test Chambers designed by Hill Acoustics.

dScope Series III M1 range provides the features you’d expect from a professional instrument costing many times as much, complete with automation. Please tell us about your needs and we’ll propose a solution you’ll find impossible to beat!

Obsolescence is here to stay but it can be managed!

Globalisation, business consolidation and short development and production cycles, particularly in electronics, mean that components and equipment are often withdrawn from the market within 5-10 years of their launch; if the economic life of your asset is 30 years, sustaining the asset quickly becomes problematical. Obsolescence management becomes important in this business environment and is now formalised in the new standard IEC62402:2019, which describes how to assess and mitigate obsolescence risk. Obsolescence management covers all types of parts (electronic, electrical, mechanical), as well as materials, software, skills and infrastructure, and is essential to the sustainability of many businesses.

The whole spectrum of plastic joining

It’s time again – The K fair 2019 (16 to 23rd October) in Düsseldorf opens its doors to the plastics industry. bielomatik will be there with the full range of experienceable added value. Some of the bielomatik highlights are: “Industrial Augmented Reality – Industry 4.0” for groups, a specially developed app for access to relevant production data of your plant, completely in line with digitalization. In addition: solutions for all relevant processes in the field of joining and welding, automation and the use of robots and cobots. Interested parties can see and get to know the whole world of plastics joining live at the bielomatik stand G60: our 2-stage laser welding Turn2Weld opens up completely new possibilities for complex part processing and masters new joining tasks such as electric battery housings and cooling systems. Joining (not only of plastics), automation, design, prototyping, standards, testing and consulting from a single source – this is only possible with bielomatik. Find out more about the entire bielomatik spectrum at K fair in Düsseldorf in Hall 11, Stand G60.

Energy Management for Increased Plant Efficiency

One of the most important components for lowering operating costs and reducing energy waste is identifying key areas of a plant where leveraging the attributes of a technology in any given scenario has the most profound effect on efficiency, with a quantifiable return on investment falling in the one-to two-year time frame.

The extremes of additive manufacturing

When Norway based Kongsberg Maritime, a specialist in technology for use in extreme conditions, was designing a chassis for a subsea measurement instrument, it turned to 3DPRINTUK to help with the manufacture of key components. MEPCA found out more.

Spiroflow to showcase remote monitoring system at PPMA

Bulk materials handling specialist, Spiroflow, will be using the PPMA Total Show to promote their new innovative monitoring initiative known as Spiroflow Active Monitoring (SAM). The system remotely provides real time information on the performance of their complete machinery range.

SAM is able to automatically monitor customers’ equipment through sensor-based technology, thereby providing key performance related, safety and operational data. As an ‘upgrade’, the system is built into the standard electrical panel on Spiroflow’s machinery by an in-house team of skilled electrical engineers and connected remotely via 4G/5G or Wi-fi.

Camloc Motion Control continues growth of worldwide distribution network with Appian Fasteners partnership

Leicester-based gas spring and damper manufacturer, Camloc Motion Control, is expanding its worldwide product reach after appointing Ireland-based Appian Fasteners to its global distribution network.

Elesa unique Ergostyle® design – a market responsive approach

As a worldwide manufacturer/distributor, Elesa have rather shorter lines of communication with their customers than might otherwise be the case – a situation which allows them to focus their manufacturing expertise on rapid response and highly detailed product designs.

Elesa at PPMA Exhibition, 1-3 October @ NEC, Stand No. E03

The PPMA Total Show 2019 is said to be the UK’s largest ever event dedicated to processing and packaging machinery. As such is very much a place Elesa looks forward to networking with customers to discuss best practice and new solutions including many that have not yet been identified. Stand E03 at PPMA is exactly the place where engineers and buyers can explore opportunities in standard component products, service and technologies for industries including food, beverage, baking, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, confectionery, cosmetics/personal care, tobacco/vaping/E-liquids, building supplies and materials, pet food/pet care, household products, contract packers, microbrewers and distillers.

Cable Entry Connectors with New Control Circuit

Leading encapsulated coil, industrial connector and sensor supplier ATAM,has upgraded its cable entry connectors with a new control circuit for solenoid valves, whilst also employing advanced new techniques to dramatically speed up manufacture.

Hellberg Safety – SECURE Active – active listening headsets.

Hellberg Safety specialist PPE products include highly advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions for personal wellbeing on site.

The SECURE ACTIVE headsets enable workers to communicate safely with colleagues, hear signals and other important information while protected from hazardous noise. The built-in, level-dependent microphones provide perfect directional hearing with an electronic protection system that limits all sounds through the speakers to a safe sound level.

Aggreko launches bridging gap decentralised energy service

Manufacturers can now start the process of implementing a decentralised energy solution to their facilities, after Aggreko officially launched its bridging gap service.

Cooling tower optimization

Food and beverage production requires a large range of temperatures. This means that plants must have effective cooling systems to deal with the excess heat. Removing the excess heat from the system requires a cooling tower, however, traditional designs require frequent maintenance. Here Darcy Simonis, food and beverage group vice president at ABB, explains how to optimize cooling towers.

SensorPRO – a new development in Bender Residual Current Monitors for even smarter networks

A new improved range of SensorPRO residual current monitors (RCM) is available from Bender.

Three new Bender sensor ranges have been announced – Modular, Compact and Split Core. Resulting from recent product investment the new improved sensors are designed for use in demanding industrial applications. With improved functionalities, enhanced flexibility and modular construction, the SensorPRO range is simpler and less expensive for users to integrate, install and retrofit into electrical installations, machinery and final circuits.

ACEINNA Current Sensor for May PECM Issue

The new ACEINNA MCX1101 current sensor is the industry’s first high accuracy current sensor based on AMR Technology

Providing quick, simple and accurate thickness measurements with minimal preparation

Cygnus thrive on developing a product range that is application-driven and user-focused. This UK based ultrasonic manufacturer are the pioneers of the multiple-echo measuring technique, which has long been an industry standard for through-coating measurement of material thickness.

Chemical Protective Clothing: Could you be Sitting on a Health Time Bomb?

There are thousands of chemicals used globally with a wide range of associated hazards – acid burns, poison, toxicity and so on. Yet whilst some have short term effects that will be immediately apparent (it will hurt if you receive a splash of acid on your arm!), many have no immediate effects, but can cause irreversible damage to health – or even death – in the long term. Such chemicals are more difficult to deal with simply because contamination might not be noticed at all.

WNIE Live 2019 – Discover the best in the electronics industry!

What’s New in Electronics Live 2019 delivers the comprehensive event covering the entire spectrum of the electronics industry. With dedicated conferences and exhibition opportunities for the electronics manufacturing, embedded software and test and debug industries, WNIE Live really is the one unmissable event of the year for anyone involved in electronics.

We Need to Talk… about Spares

In this digital age, dialling a number and putting a phone to your ear can seem antiquated.   Why talk, when the internet has all the answers, right?  But, David Lenehan of global spare parts and repairs provider Northern Industrial argues, sometimes Google is not all-knowing – especially in a complex breakdown situation.

A Q&A Guide to Etching Metals

Chemical etching is a metal machining technology that has numerous advantages over traditional sheet metalworking processes, key among which is its applicability to a range of metals and alloys — even ones that are difficult or even impossible to machine using traditional metal fabrication technologies.

Van Beek and Entecon supply powder transport for Egyptian SIPES

Van Beek was commissioned by the English company Entecon to supply three specially designed tubular conveyors to the Egyptian paint factory SIPES. These screw conveyors tip various raw materials for paint from storage silos into dissolvers (mixers), all in the correct quantities.

One of the oldest challenges in compressed air, maybe solved!

Many users of compressed air in rural or remote areas have for a long time been hindered in the use of a most valuable power source simply because they do not have access to a three-phase power supply. This means that equipment and machinery must normally be run from a 230V, single phase power supply which usually means the size of electric motor utilised on any equipment including air compressors is limited. The options available to such users, has till now been very limited, which means that the air compressor often used is too small or that multiple compressors are needed to satisfy demand, which would routinely result in higher costs, increased maintenance, poor air quality and reduced reliability.

Rulmeca introduces new generation of TM400 motorized pulleys

Rulmeca Germany presents its completely renewed TM400 motorized pulley generation at Bauma. Thanks to optimized components, the new motorized pulleys with a diameter of 400 millimeters are significantly more energy-efficient and service-friendly while offering even greater robustness and therefore plant uptime. Designed for the transport of bulk materials, the new motorized pulleys suit applications across many sectors – from light-duty belt conveyor systems in recycling, such as conveyors passing under magnetic separators; to medium-duty conveyor belts for mobile and stationary crushers, screeners and conveyors in the asphalt, cement and concrete industries as well as salt, sand and gravel works; to bulk material conveyors for the transport of grain and fertilizers.

Visit Vacuum Expo the UK’s Premier Vacuum Equipment Exhibition.

Behind Everything in Life, there’s Vacuum! Our slogan says it all; what we can tell you is that vacuum is an enabling technology for the manufacturing of products all around us.

Fire and explosion safety

An extensive range of explosion protection equipment. From supply to full turn-key solutions

Improve Your Quality Inspection Process on Welded Plastic Automotive Parts with Fixed Thermal Imaging

The automotive industry boasts one of the most sophisticated—and increasingly complex—supply chains in manufacturing. Automakers, also referred to as OEMs, rely on suppliers of varying sizes to manufacture components that are assembled into a final vehicle. Strict quality requirements ensure materials and manufactured systems, from Tier 3 to Tier 1 suppliers, result in a car that is safe to drive.

How to create safer manufacturing environments without compromising productivity 

Manufacturers must prevent workplace accidents by guarding against safety risks, but reaching the desired safety level can be challenging as it can add complexity and reduce productivity.

Static grounding protection for Type C FIBC located in potentially combustible dust atmospheres

Flexible bulk bags, such as FIBCs, are used in a range of industrial applications. Powders and bulk solids tend to be the primary material to be loaded into the bags and transported to other locations, causing dust to envelope the plant and static electricity to build up on the transfer pipes and hoses. Together, these are a dangerous mix and without proper safety protocols, could cause a static discharge incident, resulting in fires or explosions.

Control. Anytime. Anywhere.

The ability to receive or send the necessary data at any time, regardless of its location, provides ample opportunities.
Popularity IoT using cloud services and innovative protocols such as MQTT, is increasingly gaining momentum in the IT-industry and implemented in the automation of processes as well.

Avery Weigh-Tronix offers 5-day turnaround on metrology equipment calibrations with the opening of new Calibration Select Laboratory in Birmingham

Avery Weigh-Tronix, one of the UK’s leading metrology calibration providers, has opened a dedicated calibration laboratory to offer a 5-day turnaround on the calibration of torque, pressure, temperature and electrical equipment and mass weights.

Are Subtle Inefficiencies Condensing Your Bottom Line?

To identify key areas in the steam generation cycle, condensate recovery system and waste heat recovery process where cost-effective instrumentation solutions offer a tangible return on investment over the short-term. The goal is to reduce heat rate, environmental impact, fuel and water consumption, water treatment and maintenance costs in commercial and heavy industries where steam generation is essential to the production processes.