Peppers’ delivers the ultimate ‘fit for purpose’ cable glands and enclosure accessories

Focusing on creating the ultimate product, and not diversifying into other areas has meant that Peppers Cable Glands has been delivering industry-leading fit for purpose, fully certified cable glands and enclosure accessories for 75 years.

What does ‘fit for purpose’ mean?

There are many cable glands on the market, and many that will serve their purpose, however Peppers set out to supply cable glands that do more than serve; they needed to be robust, fully inspectable and backed by a first-class customer service that will ensure every last detail is considered.

Cable glands should be tough – anything less and entire projects can come to a standstill. Crucially, cable glands must be suitable for the selected type of cable, and the protection concepts must meet the requirements of the equipment to which they are attached and the area they are being installed.

Whether for an explosive environment or an industrial one, you need the assurance that the cable glands you commission will do what they are built to do – protect and last. Without them, entire projects can collapse.


  • Hazardous area glands are certified Ex db, Ex eb, Ex nR and Ex ta
  • Multiple Certification includes UKCA, ATEX, IECEx, CSA, UL, INMETRO, EAC, CCoE & CCC
  • Marine Certification including RMRS, LLoyds & ABS
  • Suitable to extreme environments with temperatures as low as -60°C and as high as +180°C.

Why you can trust Peppers

Despite opportunities arising to expand into other areas, Peppers was always determined to be the definitive cable gland supplier, concentrating on the design and manufacture of what are widely regarded as the best cable glands on the market. Understanding the industry and knowing what their customers need, often before they do, to ensure the success of their projects, coupled with their dedication to quality and innovation means our cable glands are the absolute best fit for purpose product available today.

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