Safety specs with CBR65 lens tint produce remarkable results

How uvex’s unique uvex pheos CX2 with CBR65 lens solved the problems of headaches, nausea and stress caused by working at home and also increased productivity

“Before using these specs, I couldn’t complete my work”

Lee Morrison runs a busy creative agency and, like most other people, has been working from home since the beginning of lockdown in mid-March.

The product

Spectacles with uvex’s unique CBR65 lens tint.

Before using uvex’s CBR specs

Like many, Lee found himself working from home due to COVID-19 which resulted in increased screen time, inadequate lighting, and an awkward seating position at his dining table – currently his home desk. This, together with him looking at the screen from a different angle has resulted in Lee suffering from terrible headaches, nausea and associated stress.

“My eyes have also been aching and sore,” he reports. “The screen seemed to be extremely bright, despite me turning it down, but if I turned down the brightness too much, I couldn’t see the screen.” It was a real Catch-22 situation for him.

He also found he felt a little sick if he spent most of the day in front of the screen but couldn’t work out why that should be.

“I couldn’t even put on my normal glasses, or magnifying ones, let alone my sunglasses,” he recalls, as each of these pairs of glasses exacerbated the problems, and caused fresh issues on top of what he was already experiencing.


The solution

By mid-June, Lee had had enough of the constant struggle to use his screen to work and the ensuing fatigue he suffered. He contacted uvex, who supplied him with a pair of spectacles with CBR65 lenses.

Not only do the lenses improve contrast, giving clearer vision and reducing eye strain, they reduce harmful blue light emissions from screens and unsuitable lighting by up to 50%, while still allowing 65% light permeation, making vision easy and restful and improving concentration.

The fit of the specs is great too, hugging the side of the face and making them extremely comfortable to wear. “Indeed, when wearing them, I often forget they’re on my head,” adds Lee.


Results of using uvex CBR specs

The uvex pheos CX2 glasses with the CBR65 lens have had a dramatic and instant effect on Lee, immediately improving his working life immeasurably.

“I felt instant clarity,” he enthuses. “The screen was even clearer than it seemed to be in my previous working conditions. It was almost as though I’d put on a set of HD eyeballs/spectacles!”

Lee no longer needs to squint, his eyes stopped aching and his headaches also ceased and he felt the muscles around his eyes relaxing. In addition, Lee found that he could now sleep much better at night than before. Previously he had put down disturbed nights to stress from COVID-19 and pressure from working from home. He hadn’t associated sleep with screen time, but he certainly does now that his sleep has greatly improved.

Lee now wears the CBR65 specs for three to four hours a day, with coffee breaks in between.

Having become used to wearing them, he now feels more in control, and needs to spend less time on the computer than previously.

“I seem to be able to get more accomplished in less amount of time, as I’m not now suffering from headaches or stress,” he concludes.


About uvex CBR65 lenses

uvex’s CBR65 tint has been developed to protect wearers working indoors or outdoors for long hours under harsh light conditions.

The innovative CBR65 lens shade offers better contrast for clearer vision, helping to reduce strain on the eyes and increase comfort.

Safety spectacles with the unique uvex CBR65 lens shade reduces the blue light by up to 50% – reducing the risk of eye problems and enhancing wearer experience, even when worn for extended periods.

The slight tint of the uvex CBR65 lens delivers a relaxed field of vision, preventing the eye from getting tired too fast. Even in particularly bright workplaces this enables the wearer to remain focused for a longer length of time without the strain.

uvex CBR65 lens tint technology won the Highly Commended by BSIF award at the 2019 Safety & Health Excellence Awards.

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