Memory Lane Cakes Creating Creamy Success with Boone Mixers

Market-leading Memory Lane Cakes in Cardiff, part of the Finsbury Food Group, have replaced over the years their old mixing equipment and expanded production capacity with new rotating discharge Horizontal Helical (Ribbon) Blade Mixers manufactured by JR Boone Ltd. The Ribbon mixers are still being used to produce a wide range of cake batters, buttercream fillings and toppings that find their way into branded and own label cakes sold in many the UK’s major retailers.

It isn’t easy, keeping pace with the changing tastes of the British sweet-toothed consumers, and the leading supermarkets have a lively programme of product development to continue to excite the shoppers with new styles and flavours of cakes. So much so, that Memory Lane have more than a hundred different recipes for buttercream fillings and toppings, and that’s before you even get to the batters that are mixed for the cakes themselves.

The Helical / Ribbon Blade Mixer features four mixing blades forming a double interrupted spiral that create a criss-cross material flow and the low-speed motor results in rapid, efficient mixing. The ‘short and tall’ mixer shape combined with the omega shaped shell ensures all the mix is entrained by the blades giving a smooth even mix. As we call it a clean arm blade.

The ability to clean the mixers thoroughly between batches is very important, and Boone Helical/Ribbon mixer excels here. The patented mixer arms minimise adherence of the mix, and the rotating trough discharge provides a complete discharge of the mix. As quoted by the Engineer at Memory Lane “The Boone mixers are easy to clean, easy to wash down and once they are washed down, they look just like new machine”.

Over the years of production Memory Lane have bought 7 Boone Ribbon blade mixers installed in their cake manufacturing department as they are robust, designed well and easy to work on.


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