Revolutionizing Warehouse Intralogistics: Mobile Collaborative Robots Set to Liberate Efficiency

In the dynamic realm of modern logistics, where the demand for swift and seamless operations continually escalates, innovation stands out as the linchpin of success. Amid the technological strides transforming the landscape, mobile collaborative robots emerge as transformative allies, particularly within warehouse intralogistics. These dynamic robotic assistants remove conventional barriers, liberating warehouses from the confines of manual labour and unlocking new frontiers of efficiency.

The burgeoning e-commerce boom is reshaping consumer expectations, placing warehouses under escalating pressure to streamline processes, minimise errors, and expedite order fulfillment. In response, the integration of mobile collaborative robots is revolutionising the handling of goods within expansive storage facilities. These robots, armed with advanced sensors and artificial intelligence, go beyond enhancing productivity; they reshape the entire workflow, fostering a more collaborative and adaptive approach to intralogistics.

Mobile cobots provide unparalleled mobility, effortlessly adapting to evolving tasks and seamlessly transitioning between various locations within industrial facilities. Their swift reprogramming and redeployment capabilities render them a cost-effective and incredibly versatile solution. Harnessing sensor technology and artificial intelligence, they navigate dynamic environments, surmount obstacles, and collaborate seamlessly with their human counterparts. This adaptability and proficiency in managing monotonous, laborious, or perilous tasks position mobile cobots as the ideal choice for industries seeking to streamline and optimise their operations, including logistics, warehousing, and supply chain management.

Intralogistics, encompassing the management and movement of materials and goods within facilities like warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants, increasingly relies on mobile robots for internal material handling and movement. This technological shift translates into substantial increases in productivity. Despite the pivotal role of the logistics industry in the UK economy, contributing approximately £124 billion annually, a significant shortage of skilled workers looms, with an anticipated shortfall of 59,000 workers by the end of 2023. While this scarcity poses challenges, businesses recognising the benefits of automation successfully surmount these obstacles, remaining competitive.

Traditionally, the logistics industry heavily leaned on manual processes involving tasks demanding manual handling, lifting, and extensive internal material movements performed by human operatives. These activities offer limited value to the business, especially when considering associated labour costs. Why not delegate these repetitive and monotonous tasks to automation, freeing up skilled workers to concentrate on more intricate and high-value responsibilities, such as inventory management, order processing, and packing?

As cutting-edge technologies, including robotics, redefine the future of the supply chain and optimise process flows for an industry grappling with increased demand and fluctuating markets, businesses contemplating the adoption of automation can elevate their existing processes by leveraging mobile cobots. Such as the KMR iisy.

The KMR iisy by KUKA is a cutting-edge solution meticulously crafted for adaptability and dependability in rigorous production environments and warehouse setups. Tailored to excel in Industry 4.0 applications, KMR iisy stands out as an intelligent logistics partner. This mobile cobot seamlessly navigates diverse workspaces with speed and safety, proving its versatility in assembly workstations, intralogistics, and as a robotic service system.

Comprising the LBR iisy, boasting a robust load capacity of either 11 or 15 kg, and a mobile platform capable of handling an additional 200 kg, KMR iisy sets a new standard for logistics 4.0. Employing a sophisticated differential drive system for unparalleled maneuverability, these cobots autonomously adapt to predefined routes, ensuring efficient navigation throughout your production facility. Moreover, they can autonomously recharge at dedicated stations or during workflow processes, enhancing their overall efficiency and operational autonomy.

What are some of the key benefits of the collaborative cobot that is the KMR iisy?

  1. Flexible and cost effective transportation

The mobile KMR iisy Cobot links any number of production stations in any desired sequence, without the limitations of conventional material transport solutions. This allows smaller batches and different pick iterations to be produced in parallel, enabling rapid responses to changing customer requirements. Additionally, the AMR (autonomous mobile robot) allows switching between products fast and less costly, resulting in the ability to deliver small batches with speed and at a reduced cost.

  1. Predictability

KMR iisy documents its tasks automatically and on-the-go; constantly transmitting its coordinates, so the status and location of its load is known at any time. This increases material traceability and prevents failures in the internal material supply chain.

  1. Autonomous navigation

Free navigation via SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) ensures that the robot can drive autonomously and stop in the presence of unforeseen obstacles, or people. QR codes can be used to increase the positioning accuracy in workstations.

  1. 24/7 operation

The AMR platform can be used in 24/7 operations thanks to its inductive charging pads. The lithium-ion battery can be charged at a charging station as well as at workstation during the picking process.

Businesses can enhance value creation through the seamless integration of mobile cobots within production and logistics processes. The KMR iisy is optimally equipped for most production settings and warehouses. It can move freely in a straight line, turn and rotate around its own axis. This makes it the perfect mobile solution for many applications in production and logistics.

The introduction of mobile cobots in intralogistics holds the potential to revolutionise the efficiency and productivity of businesses, clearing the path for a future devoid of bottlenecks and offering a competitive edge.

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