Enhance production processes by taking a leaner approach 

Implementing an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) —such as vertical carousels, vertical lift modules, horizontal carousels or vertical buffer modules can be key when looking to enhance your production processes.  ASRS systems handle, store and retrieve items of any size quickly and accurately with benefits such as:

  • Maximised use of Floor space
  • increased productivity
  • Up to 100% accuracy
  • Increased inventory control and security
  • Increased ergonomics


Floor Space: Implementing high density automated storage equipment immediately reduces the amount of square footage required to store inventory. The equivalent amount of inventory held in 120 bays of static shelving can be condensed into two Kardex horizontal carousels (saving 66% of space), two vertical carousels (saving 75% of space) or a single vertical lift module (saving 85% of space).

These space efficiencies can be further leveraged either through the storage of more products in the same amount of facility footprint, or via an expansion in the number of stock keeping units (SKUs) stored. Alternatively, the opened-up areas can be repurposed for other, more profitable processes. These could include such value-added activities as:

Kitting – Grouping of individually separate but contextually-related items.

Manufacturing – Expansion of fabrication or assembly processes for higher volume throughput

Quality Control – Extension of current inspection and measurement activities for quality assurance and faster identification and correction of defects

Productivity: Because automated storage and retrieval technologies deliver the required item directly to the operator via the “goods to person” concept—rather than the operator having to travel any distance to locate and retrieve the item—both wait time and unnecessary transportation are radically reduced.

This can result in productivity increases from 200% to 600%, and as many as two-thirds of a facility’s workforce can be reassigned to other tasks without a loss in throughput. Alternately, the same number of staffers can pick a correspondingly increased number of orders, further boosting production.

For facilities with a high degree of seasonal hiring to accommodate spikes in customer demand, training time is considerably shorter with automated storage and retrieval systems, thanks to integrated pick-to-light technology that indicate pick location, part description and quantity. A temporary worker unfamiliar with a facility’s layout can be stationed at an automated storage and retrieval work cell for highly productive picking after just a brief introduction to the system.

Furthermore, automated storage and retrieval systems can store more work-in-process products that can be picked as needed for small batch, higher value finishing work on a ‘Just-in-Time’ basis. Each system is easily configured for storage of multiple product sizes, and can be quickly altered as needs change. By allowing a facility to keep only the necessary amount of inventory or parts required, the systems dramatically cut over production. Additionally, by placing those automated storage units and their contents in closer proximity to work cells, both wait time and the potential for product damage during transit is diminished.

Kardex has been delivering solutions for stocking spare parts and stocking production equipment in the UK for more than 40 years.  With nationwide full services technicians and engineers, plus remote support, Kardex enables business continuity for its 20,000 UK installations across the country.  To learn more visit our website: www.kardex.com or go to Mechanical Engineering | Automated Storage & Retrieval | Kardex







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