Do You Need to Upgrade Your Factory Ethernet Network?

With bandwidth needs constantly rising and a growing number of connected devices on the network, customers need solutions that can maximize performance and security – even while taking up less space and operating reliably under harsh conditions.

With the advent of High-resolution Camera technology for automatic product checking and verification the need for high bandwidth capacity and High Power PoE (Power over Ethernet) is ever growing.


Hirschmann (a brand of Belden Inc) have a complete range of Industrial Networking products including Industrial Ethernet switches, Firewalls and Network Management software to meet the growing needs of your Factory Network.


Future-Proof Industrial Networks with Advanced Security and Redundancy features

Hirschmann have designed their BOBCAT and RSP (DIN-Rail) and GREYHOUND

(19” Rackmount) ranges of Industrial Ethernet switches to give customers more flexibility and interoperability, with the goal of simplifying maintenance and future-proofing their network operations.”


Key benefits of Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet products:

  • High-port density for connecting a growing number of networked devices.
  • Time-sensitive networking (TSN) technology to simultaneously support multiple services on the network while ensuring deterministic communication.
  • Future-proofed design to support increased bandwidth and speed capabilities for continued network growth.
  • Advanced security features, including wire-speed access control lists and automatic denial-of-service prevention.
  • Maximum power output through Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) ports that don’t require load sharing.

With advanced security and real-time communication features, the BOBCAT, RSP and GREYHOUND switches are essential appliances relevant to all processing industries.


Network Security today is of paramount importance to guarantee product conformance and validation. Hirschmann has products such as their EAGLE Firewall and Tofino Network Appliances to protect your factory network from current and future Cyber security challenges.

In addition, Hirschmann (a brand of Belden Inc) offers Networking Design and Consulting Services to help you update your Factory Network to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Network Training services are also offered, so your Staff can be trained to understand the latest network technology and improve the security and operational efficiency of your factory.

In partnership with Belden, companies can optimize, modernize, automate and secure their industrial networks.

With a portfolio of standardized, multi-functional products, customers can reduce their total cost of ownership, while enabling sensor-to-cloud connectivity and gaining network-wide visibility.

Belden also ensures seamless integration of future-proofed technologies into existing infrastructures for increased bandwidth, efficiency, security and network availability.

IndustrialComms as Hirschmann’s leading UK Industrial Networking partner, with over 20 years experience in industrial networking, can provide a complete package of Hirschmann products and services to End Users.

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