The Importance of Moisture Monitoring in Gases and Dry Compressed Air

Moisture content, often measured as dewpoint, is a critical parameter in various industrial processes and applications. The accurate measurement of moisture content in gases and dry compressed air is vital to ensure operational efficiency, product quality, and the longevity of equipment. In this article, we will explore the benefits of spot checking moisture content using the SADPmini2 portable dewpoint meter and continuous online monitoring with an AMT dewpoint transmitter.

Spot Checking with SADPmini2 Portable Dewpoint Meter:

Portability and Versatility: The SADPmini2 dewpoint meter is a compact and lightweight instrument, making it highly portable for field applications. It allows technicians to conduct spot checks at different points in the process or across multiple locations effortlessly. An Ex version (SADPmini2-Ex) is also available for hazardous applications.

Rapid Response Time: The SADPmini2 provides real-time measurements with a fast response time. Operators can obtain fast readings, enabling them to take immediate corrective actions if moisture content exceeds the allowable limits.

Prevent Equipment Damage: High moisture levels in gases and compressed air can lead to corrosion, and damage to sensitive equipment. Spot checking with the SADPmini2 helps detect potential moisture-related issues, preventing costly breakdowns and downtime.

Ensuring Product Quality: In industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, and electronics manufacturing, precise control of moisture content is crucial to maintain product quality and compliance with industry standards. Regular spot checks with the SADPmini2 ensure consistency and adherence to quality control measures.

Helpful Functions and Features: To aid the user, the SADPmini2 has a graphical colour LCD with dual display of measuring units, an integral calculator for display of dewpoints at pressure, connect wirelessly to a mobile device using Bluetooth or to a laptop using USB to view live display, analyse, and archive data on the dedicated App.

With an on-board data logging and screen capture function, data can be stored securely within the instrument, or be easily printed to a pocket-sized Bluetooth printer whilst field sampling. The SADPmini2 also has an exceptional battery life of over 150 hours of continuous use.

Continuous Online Monitoring with AMT Dewpoint Transmitter:

Uninterrupted Process Control: The AMT dewpoint transmitter offers continuous monitoring capabilities, providing real-time data to operators and process control systems. This allows for proactive adjustments to maintain optimal moisture levels and ensure smooth operations.
An Ex version (AMT-Ex) is also available for hazardous applications.

Data Logging and Analysis: The AMT Dewpoint Transmitter transmits data to a local or remote display which can enable operators to analyse trends and patterns in moisture levels. This data assists in optimizing processes, predicting maintenance requirements, and identifying potential efficiency improvements.

Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency: Continuous monitoring helps identify leakages or inefficiencies in the system, leading to reduced energy consumption and operational costs. Optimizing moisture levels also enhances the overall efficiency of the process.


Spot checking moisture content with the SADPmini2 portable dewpoint meter and continuous online monitoring with the AMT dewpoint transmitter are both indispensable tools for ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and safety of industrial processes. By promptly detecting and controlling moisture levels, businesses can mitigate the risks of equipment damage, maintain product quality, and enhance overall productivity. Whether for occasional spot checks or continuous monitoring, investing in reliable dewpoint measurement devices is a prudent step for any industry that deals with gases and dry compressed air.

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