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The increasing amount, variety and complexity of hazardous materials in the workplace makes the need for their secure storage ever more pressing to avoid the risk of fire or explosion.

To reduce risk, hazardous materials such as acids, alkalis, flammable liquids and pressurised gases need to be stored directly at the workplace in secure cabinets, so they can be safely and quickly accessed.

Conforming to the requirements of EN Standard 14470 for maximum fire safety, Asecos’s safety cabinets, such as its Type 90 cabinet, protect their contents from fire for at least 90 minutes, should the worst happen. Asecos’s cabinets also prevent internal leakages and ensure any vapours are drawn off by their mechanical ventilation systems, which ensure a 30-fold air exchange per hour.


Asecos offers a wide choice of types and sizes of cabinets based on individual need and the nature and quantity of the hazardous materials being stored. The company offers its customers advice on the most suitable version of the cabinet before purchase, since mistakes are easy to make.

For example, if aggressive chemicals such as acids and alkalis are stored alongside flammable liquids in cabinets with metal interiors, they may corrode the metal, causing it to rust, so in that instance a cabinet with a special metal-free, non-corrosive interior will be the best choice. Every purchase is well thought through and will be discussed in depth with an expert at hand.

A wide range of optional extras is available, and cabinets can even be customised to fit any nook and cranny. Many technical refinements avoid the dangers of poor handling, such as smoothly operating cabinet doors, or folding doors to make access easier.

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