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FASTER TURNAROUNDS SC4s latest investment, the plasma coping robot, has been operational for the past few months, and is already saving our customers valuable time and money. As new enquiries land, we are working with our customers, fine tuning and expanding the machines capabilities, to meet their needs and exceed expectations.

“A huge thanks to Shay and the team at SC4 who provided an excellent service and impressive lead times using their new robotic plasma profiling line!”Grant Bayes, Buyer @ TSI Structures.

As well as improving the services previously offered – cut/drill including countersinks, slots, split TEEs, straightening, cambering, and fabrication up to exc.4. The addition of our coping robot means we can now also offer; –
➢ Double mitres
➢ Compound mitres
➢ Skew cuts
➢ Tapered TEEs
➢ Web openings on beams and plate girders
➢ Weld preps including notches and rat holes 01724747734

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