Kepak, Youngs Seafood, Cranswick, Sofina, Karro, Cargill and ABP purchase thousands of highly durable plastic Cool Lockers when upgrading existing facilities, acquiring new sites, responding post audit or increasing staff levels. They require a product that’s indestructible, easy to clean, sustainable, safe, unbreakable and low maintenance (a metal locker is none of these). Cool Lockers offer a 15-year warranty, offering a trouble free storage solution that removes the hassle of broken doors, lost keys, lost time and poor hygiene in changing facilities that must be kept clean.

Cool Lockers specialise in manufacturing maintenance free lockers for food industries and schools who require trouble free personal storage solutions. Lockers typically equal damaged doors, lost keys, access issues, lost time and ongoing costs. Cool Lockers manufacture high quality polyethylene lockers known for their durability and strength. We have supplied over 500,000 lockers into extremely challenging environments (homeless shelters, pupil referral units, meat producers, hostels) and never replaced a single door. We only hear from clients again if they want to order more lockers!

Cool Lockers come with a 15-year warranty and in 25 different colours, so they are not only robust, but colourful too. Unlike metal lockers which rust, dent and corrode, Cool Lockers are corrosion resistant so very easy to clean, have soft edges and corners (so they are safe),

and come with multiple no key solutions which makes everyone’s lives that little bit easier. Please contact for a quote.

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