Sounds Good – AI to Revolutionise the Analysis of Acoustic Data

  • Acoustic quality inspection of machinery, equipment and products with 95% accuracy
  • Acoustic monitoring for predictive maintenance gives early warnings of potential problems

We have all seen the antiques expert flick a fingernail against a piece of porcelain or glass to see if it ‘rings true’ or returns a flat note indicating a hairline crack somewhere in the item being examined.

artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning (ml)

Dr Phong Nguyen, chief AI officer at FPT Software added:  “Sound can play a vital role in the predictive maintenance of manufacturing equipment, as unusual or unexpected sounds from the equipment can be an early predictable indicator of potential failures, which may not be detected by visual inspection due to the complexity of an assembled machine. Sound sensors can be deployed without physical contact, which makes them suitable for applications where contact-based sensors may cause damage or be impractical.”

Over the past six months, FPT Software’s SoundAI has been applied across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, smart cities, smart house and household electronics. SoundAI complements FPT Software’s suite of inspection tools covering vision, sound, and sensor-based analysis, for manufacturers to effectively monitor, maintain and improve the quality of their products.

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