The Blending Revolution is Here!

Our patented, modular, virtually maintenance-free system moves dosing and master batch changing to ground level. No more catwalks, scissor lifts, ladders, or climbing to swap out canisters or perform maintenance. And because it is cart-based, ColorStream can move easily between multiple machines.

Why blend with Plastrac ?

We design and manufacture disc-based gravimetric blending equipment as well as material loaders for all plastics processing. Our equipment is engineered to make plastics processing easier and more cost efficient. We put our combined 75 plus years of experience in plastics processing to use in the development of Plastrac’s Auto-Disc™ systems to provide you with versatile and effective machinery that will exceed all of your blending requirements. Plastrac was established in 1995 in order to provide the best, most affordable, most effective, easy-to-operate blending systems available to market. We continually strive to keep our customers online and producing only the best product which fully meets the requirements of their respective customers and consumers. We surround ourselves with outstanding employees who take the utmost care in the assembly of all Plastrac machinery and take pride in their work. Our knowledgeable staff is available to provide assistance should the need arise. Plastrac is here to supply your company with the latest blending technology available and is committed to support it for years to come.

Quick, accurate blending and color changeovers. Plastrac offers a variety of gravimetric material blenders and loader systems that are ideal for a multitude of plastic processing methods. Our plastic processing machines and auxiliary equipment is engineered to make plastics processing easier and more cost efficient. Plastrac material blenders and loading systems synchronize in real-time with plastics molding machines to provide an accurate and consistent material mixture with no mechanical mixing. The Auto-Disc™ material feeder is engineered for quick material changeovers to reduce downtime. Our gravimetric blending systems will handle just about any injection, extrusion, or injection blow molding application. Disc based metering allows our equipment to cost-effectively feed at a wide range of throughputs without compromising consistency. The Auto-Disc™ can be configured into self-contained systems with material feeders and loaders that are all operated from a single controller.

Our newest innovation – ColorStream™ – is a Blending Revolution. ColorStream is not just another cart system. It feeds colors and additives from the plant floor in real-time and transports them to the machine throat to blend with the main resin still being flood-fed out of the central loading system. ColorStream eliminates the need for climbing to the top of process machinery to change canisters or perform maintenance. It increases safety, slashes capital equipment costs, saves time, labor, and energy, and allows even faster color changes. So no more climbing on top of presses to perform maintenance or move blenders! ColorStream can easily be moved from machine to machine, and is nearly 100% maintenance-free. It also works for almost all injection molding, injection blow molding, extrusion, and PET applications.


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