ASE Corporate Eyecare

ASE Corporate Eyecare was launched in 1991 by Managing Director Jonathan Kent.  The aim was to provide eyecare services to public and private sector organisations meeting legislative compliance with (the then new) Display Screen Equipment Regulations.  Today, ASE Corporate Eyecare is part of Essilor International SA, the world’s largest ophthalmic manufacturer.

We have always taken pride in our proactive approach to providing innovative corporate Eyecare solutions, introducing an electronic e-voucher platform as early as 2006.

In 2015, we partnered with Boots and have expanded our services.  Together, our joint optical experience and innovative approach delivers the most comprehensive corporate eyecare solution available in the marketplace today.

Our key area of expertise is the ability provide eyecare solutions to employers; offering compliance with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations, providing prescription safety eyewear to employees working in hazardous conditions, and delivering sight test and glasses to corporate drivers.

There are two ways to use these vouchers:

  1. You can opt to purchase vouchers and then assign them to your employee by email or by sending a sms text code
  2. You can choose to let employees self-serve their own voucher via a dedicated EyecareGateway, and once the request is received, a voucher is emailed or sent by sms.

In addition, we can accommodate more specialist forms of eyewear, for example, breathing apparatus inserts for Fire and Rescue Services, ballisitic eyewear for Firearms Officers and innovative eyewear for military aircrew for the MoD.

We have seen eyecare adopted as part of a reward benefit strategy in recent years, and many of our clients now offer eyecare, not just to meet their legal obligations but to help with employee retention and engagement.

In a recent health and wellbeing survey, eyecare was voted as one of the top three benefits employers offer staff.



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