Helapet unveil new look 2018 Inline Disc Filters Brochure

Helapet is delighted to unveil our new-look inline disc filters brochure, providing readers with a valuable insight into our Vari-Disk® custom design and manufacturing service.

Our new brochure is presented under Helapet’s distinctive blue and white branding as we now bring our filter range firmly under our company name, removing the Filter Devices brand. With a long established reputation for quality against all our consumable products and services, the Helapet name is now recognised as one of the leading UK producers of inline filters.

Our new 8 page brochure takes the reader through the key customisable options of our disc filters, including inlet / outlet connector options, filter media and capsule housing sizes. The client-centric layout extends our commitment to offer our clients a variety of filter combinations, simplifying the selection process and outlining the main industry applications where our filters can be used. Covering additional value-added services such as filter testing, sterilisation and free trial samples, our brochure provides a complete understanding of our Vari-Disk® service and the quality processes that underlines the performance of all our filter products.

1st Choice for Inline Disc Filters

For over 25 years, Helapet as designed, developed and manufactured inline disc filters for a multitude of filtration and clarification applications. Today we pride ourselves in delivering a quality, custom filter product when a standard filter is not an option. We combine our ever expanding range of filter media and inlet / outlet connectors with a range of housing sizes, suitable for the unique requirements of every client we service. Manufactured to ISO 13485 in ISO Class 7 cleanroom facilities, we ensure each filter is produced to exceptional standards, contaminant-free and comprehensively in-house tested.

Recently increasing our production to satisfy our growing domestic and global customer base, Helapet are committed to quick turnaround times whilst accommodating large and small order volumes. We continually ensure our selection of materials are of high quality to maintain the efficiency and performance of our filters under pressure, whilst maintaining excellent flow rates. Ultrasonically secured and over-moulded for added robustness, allows our filters to be used for a variety of end user and OEM applications from lab filtration to sterile venting to instrumentation protection.

Great filters, Greater Service

Helapet offers expert advice and guidance thought-out the filter design process. Our end-to-end consultation service facilitated by an expert Account Manager, ensures that each unique filter meets the exact specifications of the client before the final design is completed and approved. Using professional Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, our team work in close partnership to get the filter ready for production, with free manufactured samples produced for trial before purchase.

Request our new Inline Disc Filters brochure or send us your filter specifications by emailing sales@helapet.co.uk. Download our new inline disc filters brochure direct from our website https://www.helapet.co.uk/inline-disc-filters.

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