Rulmeca Introduces New Generation of TM400 Motorized Pulleys: Even More Energy-Efficient, Service-Friendly and Safe

Rulmeca Germany presented its completely renewed TM400 motorized pulley generation at bauma 2019. Thanks to optimized components, the new motorized pulleys with a diameter of 400 millimeters are significantly more energy-efficient and service-friendly while offering even greater robustness and therefore plant uptime. Designed for the transport of bulk materials, the new motorized pulleys suit applications across many sectors – from light-duty belt conveyor systems in recycling, such as conveyors passing under magnetic separators; to medium-duty conveyor belts for mobile and stationary crushers, screeners and conveyors in the asphalt, cement and concrete industries as well as salt, sand and gravel works; to bulk material conveyors for the transport of grain and fertilizers.

Diamond Phoenix Automation Is Appointed Authorised Dealer for ICAM’s Silo Range In The UK And Eire.

ICAM, the Italian manufacturer of automated storage systems, has signed an agreement with Diamond Phoenix Automation for the distribution of its SILO range of vertical lift modules (VLMs) in the UK and Eire.

Famatel UK Ltd

Established in 2013 Famatel UK Ltd is part of the Famatel SPA Group, We have 5 subsidiaries through out Europe and the US and supplying products all over the world.

How to get the best out of your high pressure homogeniser

Fluid processing requirements are becoming ever more stringent, and so high pressure homogenisation is increasingly surfacing as a solution to meeting these needs. It is widely understood that almost every type of sample will have its own unique optimum processing parameters, due to differing particle sizes, densities, rigidity and so on. Therefore, it is of great importance ideal parameters are identified and applied during homogenisation.


Gee Graphite Ltd was founded in 1989 to offer customers a range of industrial gasket and sealing products based on expanded flexible graphite.

At MAGNETROL, we understand all the ways that level matters to your business. That’s why it matters to us

No matter who you are or what your industry produces, level matters. Despite the differences across the many market segments we serve, there’s one thing all applications have in common: Accurate, reliable level measurement is a key component of each and every one.

BG series of Dunkermotoren matches perfectly with SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE servo drive system

With the brushless DC motors (24 to 48 volts) of the series BG 45, BG 65(S), BG 75 and BG 95, Dunkermotoren has been the market leader in the 20-1100 Watt power range for years. As part of a product partnership with Siemens, the motors are now also available in specific versions compatible with the new SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE servo drive system.

Expansion of CorteCros® Facility in Croatia: High-Tech Integrated Solutions for Corrosion Protection!

CorteCros®, part of Cortec®Corporation Europe has expanded its warehouse location in Split, Croatia, with new manufacturing facility and laboratory. Cortec’s proprietary VpCI®/MCI® products are now manufactured  in Split in accordance with REACH regulation, which enables them to be shipped everywhere inside the European Union in record time. CorteCros’s new facility and lab are equipped with modern instruments and perform testing compliant to EU and ASTM standards. Each batch is tested on-site according to high standards which allow the company to provide valuable services to its customers.CorteCros® also released a new updated brochure covering a broad range of new services.

Volkswagen Smashes Time Record At Legendary Nürburgring With Ansys Simulation Solutions

Volkswagen Motorsport’sID.R race car, powered by ANSYS’(NASDAQ: ANSS)cutting-edge simulation solutions, cemented its place in racing history by shattering the lap time record for electric vehicles at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Finishing in 6.05.336 minutes, Volkswagen driver Romain Dumas (F) pushed the ID.R’s battery —supported by ANSYS simulations —to its limits on the demanding German race track, showcasing its industry-leading electrical efficiency.

New innovation for LockBolts

Star Fasteners has developed a clever colour changing indicator that visually verifies that LockBolts have been installed correctly.

Sobye Trial Success

The ‘Sobye’ self-cleaning belt filter from Jacopa’s Swedish manufacturing partner, Nordic Water provides an automatic, compact solution for primary treatment to replace settlement tanks. The filter has recently undergone extremely successful trials at a unique Scottish Water test facility demonstrating excellent process performance and proving the effectiveness of the system.

The utility’s Waste Water Test Centre is the first facility of its kind in the UK and is one of two research hubs operated by its commercial subsidiary Scottish Water Horizons. The site offers real-life testing of new technologies, processes and equipment under live conditions, with the aim of accelerating technology and adoption.

OPC UA in the smart factory

The story of the Tower of Babel describes a time where all human beings spoke the same language. When the Babylonians decided to build a tower tall enough to reach heaven, God stepped in and created a multitude of languages so the builders could no longer understand each other. The result? The tower was never completed. Here Sophie Hand, UK country manager at industrial parts supplier EU Automation, explains the universal language of automation equipment ― OPC UA.

Vacuum and Closure Detection – Food & Beverage Applications

ADR-50D Inspection Systems using positive contact technology provide more precise detection vacuum and miniscule mechanical canning faults at variable line speeds up to 2000cpm to maintain optimum consumer satisfaction and product loyalty supplied at a competitive cost.

Managing Losses in Compressed Air Systems with Thermal Mass Flow Technology

Monitoring compressed air usage within industrial applications has become increasingly important as the associated costs continue to rise dramatically.

Finalists Just Announced: Women in 3D Printing Innovator Award

Partners Rapid News Publications Ltd and Women in 3D Printing announced the four finalists for their new Women in 3D Printing Innovator Award.

The award is in its inaugural year and will recognise women in the 3D printing sector that demonstrate outstanding innovation and represent the pinnacle of success. It aims to shine a spotlight on the female innovators who are leading the charge in the world of design-to manufacturing.

Kecol Pumping Systems

Kecol Pumping Systems offers solutions to many product transfer problems.

Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd are manufacturers of Air driven, Positive Displacement Piston Pumps and Priming Devices in polished stainless steel or carbon steel, for transferring high viscosity nonflowable products from drums and containers as used in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and general industries.


The company, based in Whitby North Yorkshire, is also the exclusive UK supplier of Pronova-Joker bag-filling equipment and is recognised as a leading manufacturer of quality bag products.

Supreme Plastics provides a complete service of consultancy, product development, manufacture, technical expertise and on-site engineering support and offers a worldwide product-sourcing service through a network of established international manufacturers.

New website at

Level and pressure instrumentation at the click of a mouse. The new website has now been launched, adding further customer enhancements to application advice, instrument selection, quotation requests and bespoke drawings. It features 3D animations for industries such as Chemical, Water and Energy production, with even more to follow.

Achieve 100% quality on vehicle backlights with fixed thermal imaging

The automotive industry boasts one of the most sophisticated–and increasingly complex–supply chains in manufacturing. Automakers, auto referred to as OEMs, rely on supplier of varying sizes to manufacture components that are later assembled into a final vehicle. Strict quality requirements ensure that materials and manufactured systems, from Tier 3 to Tier 1, result in a car that is safe to drive.

Empteezy and Dyce Carriers: A Partnership Worth Promoting

With a focus on quality customer experience from start to finish, Empteezy Ltd recognised the need for a delivery partner of esteemed reputation which they found in Dyce Carriers.

SKORPION Trapped Key Interlocking with Key Exchange

Established in the United Kingdom in 2003 IDEM Safety Switches are the UK’s largest machine safety switch manufacturer.

Are Subtle Inefficiencies Condensing Your Bottom Line?

In many process industries, as much as 60% of total energy consumption goes to the production of steam. Our newly updated white paper on the steam generation cycle shows how higher quality level instrumentation can improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, lower costs, and prevent production downtime.

BG series of Dunkermotoren matches perfectly with SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE servo drive system

With the brushless DC motors (24 to 48 volts) of the series BG 45, BG 65(S), BG 75 and BG 95, Dunkermotoren has been the market leader in the 20-1100 Watt power range for years. As part of a product partnership with Siemens, the motors are now also available in specific versions compatible with the new SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE servo drive system.

PECM Issue 39 is now live!

When looking for a custom turn-key solution or perhaps streamlining an existing operation, there are many factors that achieve progress. The right products must be sourced, implemented and new reliable contacts need to be built. In this issue, we cover everything from chemical processing to automotive engineering and food processing to general industrial manufacturing.

PECM provides a vast portfolio of product inspiration, information and resources from leading engineers and manufacturers with each edition being designed to enhance the readers knowledge of the ever-changing industrial world around them.

Check out our new issue here!

Finding an IOT platform as a service [PaaS] that really works for Industrials!

If you have an asset base that runs into hundreds, thousands or more and you want to connect them to an Industrial IOT platform there are a few key questions you will need answering. For example:

ElectroCraft, Inc. Expands the MobilePower™ Product Offering with the MPW Series

Stratham, New Hampshire – May, 30 2019 – ElectroCraft, Inc., the global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has expanded their MobilePower™ traction system offer with the MPW52 and MPW86.  The MobilePower™ Wheel-Drive (MPW) features a high torque-density brushless DC motor with an integrated single-stage planetary gearbox and wheel drive assembly.

ASCO 330A Series Volume Booster from Emerson for reliable use in control and on/off applications, and where partial stroke testing is required

The ASCO Series 330A Volume Boosters are flexible, robust, and highly reliable boosters designed to improve the pneumatic performance of both on/off and control valves. Available in sizes from 1/2” to 2”, the booster range offers a great deal of flexibility.

Electric Arc – Understand the Risks and Protect Yourself!

Snickers Workwear ProtekWork – Protective Wear vs Workwear.

As working clothes on site go, there’s a big difference between conventional electrician’s Workwear and specialist ProtekWork garments from Snickers Workwear, which includes Protective Wear for electricians.

Over the years, conventional workwear has evolved to make the working day on site more comfortable and efficient, with built-in functionality for tools and fixings, as well as protection against cold, rain and the effects of warm weather.

The NEW ProtecWork Protective Clothing From Snickers Workwear

Fully accredited, advanced Protective Wear for heat and flame, electrostatic and chemical risk environments from the UK’s leading workwear innovator.

ProtecWork is a new collection of protective working clothes and accessories from Snickers Workwear, which has developed out of over 40 years leading the workwear industry – and through close consultation with users and employers in the railway and energy sectors around Europe.

Revamped Fluke industrial thermal imager line packs more premium features into every model

“Give the customer more than they expect” is the philosophy that John Fluke built his company on – and that still drives it today. In that spirit, the Fluke Ti400 PRO and TiX500 series Thermal Cameras bring accessible 640 x 480 resolution, establishing the new baseline for today’s professional industrial imagers. The cameras are optimally engineered to enable industrial professionals to safely, quickly, and easily find, assess, and solve mission-critical problems before they result in downtime, become costly, or even disastrous. For more information, please visit

Independent Heating & Cooling

Independent Heating & Cooling (IHC) is launching an industry-first at the London Facilities Show.  The Covert is an Industrial/Commercial Heating Control System giving complete zonal control of working environments with remote (cloud based) tamper-proof access, early alert system and no ongoing maintenance fees.

The updated AR-021 and AR-022: Not just a new look

Every so often you take a look at your products and think: “They still function properly, but an update would make them even better. And maybe they could look better too.” So that is why we are introducing an update for two of our products: The AR-021 Motion Sensor and the AR-022 Twilight Sensor.

Bespoke burner controls

Burner manufacturer EOGB Energy Products has announced the launch of a new service to design, develop and integrate bespoke burner controls for commercial heating and industrial processes. The company’s Sales Director, Phil Pett, discusses the advancement of such controls and other technologies, and the role these will play in boiler and burner applications of the future…  

Capturing the First Image is Always the Hardest Part

Ready-to-use sensor modules aid in prototyping, and help to provide the first image to smart devices with Embedded Vision in as little as 30 minutes

Smart fridges, intelligent agricultural drones, or highly sensitive industrial robots – the working prototype and the first image present special challenges for developers embedding bare sensors into their devices. In this case, small sensor modules are ready for use and they can both simplify and accelerate the process from the initial concept, to a working prototype.

Android App for Ex e terminal box design

(PresseBox) Lauda-Königshofen, 24.10.2018 This Android app for designing
an Ex e terminal box is easy to use. If you want to design a terminal box
based on the Quintex box sizes, just input your different types, sizes and
quantities of needed terminals.

More Protection for Louvered Filter Fan Kits

Orion Fans low-cost louvered filter fan kits, louvered guards and filters, protect against dust, dirt and moisture from entering industrial, electrical and electronic cabinets, prolonging operational life and reducing maintenance costs. Orion’s louvered filter fan kits are now available with easy access slide and hinged louvered guards for rapid installation and replacement of filters.