Gold & Wassall Hinges Ltd, leading the way in hinge manufacture for over 200 years.

With over two centuries of experience in the hinges industry, Gold and Wassall provides a fully comprehensive design and manufacturing service for any kind of hinge for any kind of application.  However large, small, simple or complex your requirement, we can design and manufacture in most materials, offering a wide range of finishes to give you the optimum solution.

Paro Software optimizes the entire process of hydraulic manifold creation with the addition of HydroCam

In an unprecedented move, Paro Software introduces the new HydroCam software that makes it possible to automate the programming of CNC machines for hydraulic manifold production. A breakthrough in achieving complete optimization of the entire process of hydraulic manifold creation from the initial design to final production. Paro Software, a company that created HydroSym software for designing hydraulic schematics and HydroMan for designing hydraulic manifolds is helping hydraulic engineers save upwards of 80% of their time by now digitizing the final production of hydraulic manifolds. If before it would take hours if not days to program the CNC machine for manifold production, with HydroCam the program is automatically generated based on HydroMan design.

Looking for abrasion-resistant matt surfaces?

IST Metz, winner of accolades for its UV technology, uses the excimer process for bright matt results across a range of industrial applications.  

PSRE Co. Expands Market Presence in Middle East and North Africa

Affordable, smart, stress and fluid flow simulation, PASS software is now available through 8 international distributors

PSRE Co., the leading developer of smart simulation and sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer, is pleased to announce the expansion of its market presence for the PASS Software Suite in the Middle East and North Africa . PSRE has signed a distribution agreement with Adams Consultancy & Infrastructure (Adams C&I).

Full steam ahead with help from Riello

Riello has donated an RL34 oil burner to the Internal Fire Museum in Cardigan for use in the first of its steam halls. The burner is fitted to a Beel VFB boiler donated by Cochran UK.

TakeAIM – the smart solution for all workplace equipment inspections

January saw the launch of a brand new app from the multi-award winning Good to Go Safety team.

The TakeAIM app allows equipment inspections to be carried out digitally, using any Android or iOS/Apple device. Users can choose from an extensive list of checklists covering all industries, this ever growing list includes forklifts, fire equipment, vehicles, scaffolding, ladders, tractors and so much more. It also allows new checklists to be created and added quickly and easily.

Stirring up bearings – How stirring accuracy can reduce waste and increase purity

In the Harry Potter series, we see many scenes in Professor Snape’s potions class where a simple potion can turn into a deadly poison with nothing more than a wayward stir. In the real world, correctly mixing chemicals is even more important. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director of precision bearing specialist SMB Bearings, explains the problems with ineffective chemical stirring in pharmaceutical production and how bearings can help.

DAL aluminised burner plates more than double life expectancy

A more than doubling of life expectancy for burner plates operating under metal dusting type conditions has been confirmed by the application of DAL aluminide diffusion coating.

When was the last time you had your filtration equipment serviced?

Stella-Meta is a long standing, highly skilled supplier of spares and servicing for Stellar and Meta filtration systems which incorporate Metafilters.  These are pressure pre-coat filters with candle elements which are designed to provide rigid and robust support for the filter media.  They comprise a core of specialist Meta candles which include the highly toleranced Metarings.

E/M Coating Services

E/M Coating Services pride themselves on being able to offer customers high quality coating applications and processes for a wide range of industrial sectors. We are uniquely placed to design and manufacture bespoke protective coating solutions in our own highly specialised industrial coating facilities. We have over 40 years of experience in surface technologies and are pioneers in the development and application of solid dry film lubricant coatings.

Providing quick, simple and accurate thickness measurements with minimal preparation

Cygnus thrive on developing a product range that is application-driven and user-focused. This UK based ultrasonic manufacturer are the pioneers of the multiple-echo measuring technique, which has long been an industry standard for through-coating measurement of material thickness.

We’ve been listening!

What we’ve heard from our customers is they want better product information, easily accessible, easy to understand and order from. They also told us they value our way of doing things, our agility and our cutting-edge  technology and they wanted the products and the company to look the part of the world class partner we are.

New Product Release from Micronics:

The New U1000MKII-FM is a “Best Value” Clamp-on, Ultrasonic flowmeter alternative to traditional inline meters, for non-invasive water flow applications, which offers significant installation cost and dry maintenance benefits over traditional in-line products.

Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd

Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd is the UK robotics division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Japan.
Based in Warrington, Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd occupies a 10,000 Sq. Ft. Building. Its location provides easy access to the main motorway network and is at the center of its customer base.
The facility centralises all the sales and customer support operations, with areas for customer demonstrations, training, robot test and integration and a large area for stock machines.

PSRE Co. Expands Market Presence in Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa

PSRE Co., the leading developer of smart simulation and sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer, is pleased to announce the expansion of its market presence for the PASS Software Suite in Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

Trial to Take the P Out

As European directives drive ever more stringent consents for phosphorus removal, utilities are seeking technologies that can remove phosphorus from wastewater to the new lower levels required. However, achieving this economically with conventional technology is a challenge and innovative new solutions are required.

To help address the problem wastewater technology specialists Jacopa are making a pilot-scale, Fluidyne FFP™ fixed plate cloth media filter trial unit available to water companies and others who wish to evaluate the technology through a site-based pilot trial.

New seminars added to free seminar programme

The free seminar programme at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2019 has been extended with further sessions addressing the latest advances in Industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing and materials. With 41 sessions running in two lecture theatres over all three days of the show, the 2019 programme is the most comprehensive ever offered and the chance to gain insight at the very highest level into many of the issues facing industry today. All sessions are completely free to attend and open to all visitors to the show.

Rittal’s New Laser Machining Centre to Revolutionise Control Panel Production at Engineering Firm

In a “UK first”, Hawarden-based electrical engineering firm, LCA Group, has switched its control panel operations from manual production to end-to-end automation, including laser-machining.  The move is expected to transform its productivity and efficiency.


JSP Ltd hold educational seminars at their Manufacturing Headquarters in Oxfordshire dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of Personal Protective Equipment. These events are aimed to educate and support professionals within the Health and Safety Sector across all industrial sectors. To book onto one of these popular free of charge events simply sign up on

Addition Manufacturing Technologies Expands Bend Tool Production Capabilities in Preston, UK Operation

Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom October 22, 2018 – World-leading tube bending and end forming technology specialist Addition Manufacturing Technologies is expanding production capabilities by adding a manufacturing cell for precision bending tools.

Introducing Croft Filter’s Quick Release Filter – A versatile universal filter option for many industry sectors.

Improving filtration standards can be a challenge for many companies, especially those with fixed operating systems with little room to insert new filter housings to help meet improved filtration standards. Inserting a housing may intrude on the operating system, requiring a new operating layout that comes at cost in downtime.

Cable Management and Industrial Labelling Made Easy … save time and money

Murrplastik is a one-stop-shop for all your cable management and labelling requirements, as all products are perfectly compatible – saving you time and money. We are proud of our excellent customer service record and UK based customer service team, technical support and network of regional sales engineers. It couldn’t be easier to find the solution to your unique challenges in the areas of: Cable Drag Chain Systems, Cable Protection Conduits and Fitting Systems, Robotic Equipment, Cable Entry and Cable Retaining Systems.

CAPM347 high speed 24VDC embedded printer for retail, vending and kiosk applications

BVM, official distributor for Seiko Instruments’ printer mechanisms and portable printers for the UK and Ireland, has announced the CAPM347, a 24VDC high-speed rugged thermal print and cut unit optimised for use in ticketing and vending machines, receipt printing, lottery terminals, ATMs or other industrial, retail or medical applications. Two versions are available: for Point-of-Sale receipt printers and similar uses, the “Easy Load” version with a removable thermal head that enables simple drop-in roll replacement.

NEW Rivdom TWO SF® Battery Tool

Star Fasteners products and services take on the fastening challenges that businesses face today.

“A key part of the design for the new tool was the ability for it to take Huck® nose assemblies. This highly powered structural fastener battery tool has been on trial in demanding manufacturing environments for just over a year now. It has comfortably tackled installing structural rivets such as Magna-Lok® and quarter inch diameter pins and collars including Hucktainer® Lockbolts. Our customers are really pleased with the tool’s overall performance”.

Trant Engineering Ltd

Established in 1958, Trant has a long history of engineering excellence, delivering high quality multi disciplined services across the UK and Internationally. Our integrated management systems registered to BSI standards ensures consistently good performance, leading to repeat business within our prime sectors of Process & Water, Energy, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Defence.

Emerson’s New Ultrasonic Welding Platform Meets Challenges of Critical Small Plastic Part Assembly

IIoT-enabled Branson GSX Platform provides precise control for faster, repeatable, high quality welding of intricate components

Label 8 PCR tubes at once

With Brady Corporation’s new laboratory sample label, up to 8 PCR tubes can be labelled simultaneously. Designed to resist a range of chemicals, and easily printable in any lab with a Brady label printer, the new B-492 PCR tube label is precise, reliable and efficient.


With development of its new V12 progressing apace the time is right to reveal some closely guarded secrets of the Aston Martin Valkyrie’s extraordinary powerplant. Developed in conjunction with longtime technical partner Cosworth, the new V12 had to satisfy a simple, yet extraordinary brief: to create the ultimate expression of the internal combustion engine.

Condition Based Strategies for Electrical Asset Reliability

Companies have always searched for ways to mitigate risk, reduce operating costs and increase productivity. Companies in industries like power generation, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, oil & gas, mining and data centers have numerous electrical assets on-site to maintain operations. A subset of these assets is critical to operations – they usually do not have a backup system and, if they fail, can cause catastrophic situations. Companies are adopting condition based maintenance programs using innovative products to predict when an asset will fail and implement preventive repairs before the failure takes place.

Pure Innovation in Telecommunication

With over 35 years’ experience, Churchill Controls is the UK’s leading design and manufacturer of lower power radio telemetry systems.

News from Wanner International

Intelligent Pump Control Resets the Bar for High Pressure Coolant Delivery

Wanner has introduced intelligent pump control for its Hydra-Cell pumps that it claims will generate significant savings while improving machined part quality.


Welcome Food Ingredients Ltd required a more efficient system to re-bag granular sugar used to manufacture their sauces, pastes, dressings and dips for food industry customers.

New line of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges Without Liquid Couplant

Innerspec has launched a new line of its EMAT and DCUT Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges which require no liquid couplant. The new gauges use non-contact Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) and Dry-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing (DCUT) technology to provide thickness measurement on materials ranging from 0.5mm to 1m (0.019” to 40”) with an accuracy of +/-2.54µm (+/-0.0001”). The non-contact EMAT ultrasonic technique permits one-side measurements at temperatures ranging from -30ºC to 750ºC (-22ºF-1382ºF), making it ideal for process control in harsh production environments.

Werth TomoScope XS – CT Scanning Technology, in a New Compact Format

In recent years, developments in computed tomography have concentrated on the high-resolution measurement of large workpieces and materials that are difficult to penetrate. To this end, large and heavy coordinate measuring machines were used. X-ray tubes came in two varieties: Closed tubes often need to be replaced after just two or three years, while open X-ray sources require maintenance several times a year. This results in frequent downtime and high maintenance costs.

Koyo invests in Magnetic Bearings

Magnetic bearings offer some significant advantages over traditional bearings such as very low friction, no mechanical wear, very high-speed rotation and no maximum relative speed so it’s easy to see how they could impact almost every area of the manufacturing process. 

Why Switch Your Nitrogen Gas Source?

Many organisations currently using Nitrogen gas are tied to a gas company for supply, delivery, high pressure tank changes, and even gas storage. There are so many steps in the process of securing a steady flow of Nitrogen gas for your needs, but many can be eliminated by switching to a gas generator.