Tom Parker Ltd are delighted to announce its official appointment as Authorised UK Distributor for Oetiker. Swiss-based leader in connection technology and the original inventor of the ear clamp, Oetiker’s products are renowned globally for quality, durability, and reliability.

Oetiker is currently celebrating an outstanding 80 years in business and attribute its success to manufacturing high-quality products, providing excellent service, and securing trustworthy supply chain partnerships. These include fluid power experts Tom Parker Ltd, who have distributed Oetiker’s products in the UK for over 20 years.

The innovative connection technology from Oetiker provides a dependable solution across many industries and applications. These include automotive, aftermarket, industrial, plumbing, medical treatment lines, food and beverage, home appliances, irrigation and crop watering systems, and electric vehicle chargers. They are also commonly used with flexible and inflexible thin-walled, rubber and welding hose, plastic tubing, and electrical cables.

A Futureproof Product available from Tom Parker Ltd

Oetiker built their empire off the back of their original 1 and 2 ear clamps, invented by Mr Hans Oetiker in 1942, which many customers still rely on. They have made significant advancements over the years, introducing new technologies like the DualHook Adjustable 259 range, which feature an innovative internal StepLess® smooth clamp. It provides additional flexibility and strength, so is perfect for use in demanding high-performance applications.

Another innovative connection solution is the StepLess® 167 series ear clamp, with a high Rockwell rating due to being manufactured in stainless steel. Oetiker has removed steps from the inside of the clamp to ensure a secure, smooth, leak-free seal, uniform 360° compression, and continuous surface pressure around the clamp diameter.

The highly experienced engineers at Oetiker understand industry challenges and work closely with their dedicated R&D team to solve them. They strive to ensure that their range of mission-critical components and any new product additions are high quality, suit a wide variety of individual application needs and withstand the test of time.

Where Talent & Technology Connect

Oetiker has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable manufacturers of mission-critical connection solutions globally. Their attention to detail and focus on quality has certainly paid off. Prestigious brands such as Audi, Mercedes, and Volkswagen use Oetiker clamps in their drive shaft and engine thermal management applications and have migrated seamlessly to their e-platforms. Impressively, almost every car manufactured globally contains Oetiker clamps, with 90 million new passenger vehicles fitted annually with their fail-safe premium quality components.

Expertise, Quality & Reliability

Richard Parker, Sales Director at Tom Parker Ltd, comments: “Tom Parker Ltd are thrilled to be named the preferred supplier in the UK for Oetiker. The company has 80 years of experience in engineering reliable connection solutions and is synonymous with quality. We have formed a strong connection through working with Oetiker for many years and recommend their products without hesitation.

” Gary Powell of Oetiker Group explains:

“Our drive is the peace of mind of our customers. Quality is a core value that we emphasise daily, and having trustworthy partners is the key to upholding our commitment to excellence. That is why we take great pride in our partnership with Tom Parker Ltd as part of our Authorised Distributors Programme. The cooperation thus far has been nothing short of fantastic, and we are thrilled with the remarkable results
we have achieved together. We are looking forward to building upon our successful partnership, moving forwards.”

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