NOxMASTER™ SCR | Diesel Generator Emissions Compliance for MCPD (Medium Combustion Plant Directive). Agriepure™ Diesel Fuel Polishing.

Agriemach Ltd are specialists in exhaust gas emissions after-treatment for power generating plant. Many operators of both Diesel and Gas powered generators need to meet the strict requirement for reducing emissions such as NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) produced from the combustion process, in order to qualify for their permit to run.

Agriemach have been supplying the industry with exhaust gas after-treatment solutions since the early 1990`s along with being established since 1976.

Agriemach have the longest reference list for UK SCR installations which allows us to demonstrate capabilities of both challenging retro-fit to existing power plant, as well as newly designed systems for new project installations.

Battersea Power Station is one reference site where the Agriemach NOxMASTER™ SCR Systems are fitted to 2x Jenbacher 2MWe Natural Gas CHP – bringing the NOx emissions down to local permit requirements.

Seeing is believing – book a site visit with our emissions team for a tour of a live running site. +44 (0) 1342 713743 | |

Having clean fuel not only assists with a more complete combustion process, but also has a positive impact on emissions; and any operator running Emergency Backup Generators will want to ensure they have clean (dry) fuel, so that the generators can run when called on.

Contaminated or degraded stored fuel will quickly block fuel filters, damage expensive injectors and in some cases stop the generator from starting entirely.

Through condensation, fuel tanks can quickly find unwanted water build up occurring which then allows for Diesel Bug to grow and begin producing sticky deposits in the fuel. These deposits block filters, fuel lines and cross contaminate the entire fuel system.

Our Agriepure™ range of Static & Portable Fuel Polishing Equipment, along with our Diesel Biocide fuel additive, cures and prevents diesel contamination.

Peace of mind is crucial when Emergency Backup Generators are relied on in case of unexpected mains failure.

Agriepure™ Fuel Filtration Systems are fitted to fuel tanks onsite at Hospitals, Data Centres, Distribution Centres, Generator Slab Tanks, Truck & Bus Yards, Farms, Remote Telecommunication Sites and Military Applications to name a few…

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