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Assentech Sales Limited has launched the unique and revolutionary Vent-Less technology. This system is engineered to cut emissions by testing tank breather valves according to API2000 criteria. The main features are:

  • Fault Identification: Vent-Less technology detects non-compliant valves, facilitating operators to service, repair, or replace these units. This ensures environmental regulation compliance and boosts operational safety.
  • Emission Quantification: This technology measures, monitors, and quantifies emissions, delivering key data for ESG and environmental reporting.
  • Cost Saving: By averting product leakage, Vent-Less technology curtails costs associated with product loss, potential fines, and reduces tank damage. It also minimizes downtime linked to equipment malfunctions.
  • Efficiency: Vent-Less technology automates the testing process, completing it in less than three minutes with one operator, leading to irrefutable results and substantial cost savings in manpower and time.
  • Evidence of Compliance: Vent-Less technology facilitates demonstrable compliance with environmental and safety regulations, helping your organization uphold its legal responsibilities to protect the site, personnel, and the environment.
  • Reliability of Results: The automated nature of the testing process ensures the reliability of results, eliminating the potential for human error and providing consistent, trustworthy data.


The testing equipment for breather valves should conform to API2000 Section 5.4:

  1. Pressure Approach: The equipment should measure and control pressure accurately, provide clear indications of applied pressure, and test all tolerances.
  2. Flow Approach: The equipment should measure and control flow rates accurately, considering ambient temperature and barometric pressure.
  3. Test Equipment Capability: The equipment should meet accuracy standards, with calibration certification from accredited laboratories.
  4. Traceability and Testing: Test certification should be traceable to the individual breather valve, testing both pressure and vacuum ports, and recording all test data.
  5. Environmental Reporting: The leakage rate is clearly evidenced on the Test Certificate and can be used for ESG, CSR and GHG reporting.
  6. Accuracy and Reliability: Automated test equipment is beneficial for avoiding misinterpretation of results, allowing for test repeatability, solo operation, and rapid testing.

By adhering to these standards, operators not only enhance testing accuracy but also contribute to environmental reporting and demonstrate a commitment to safety and sustainability.
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