Secure Sustainable Solutions

Looking for a sustainable way to securely seal your container or bottle? Look no further, Viscose Closures has a range of eco-friendly seals for all your tamper evidence needs.

We provide environmentally conscious producers & brands with our unique plastic free, biodegradable, home compostable, self-shrinking bands.

Made from plant-based materials derived from wood pulp, our self-shrinking bands are heat and machinery free making them the perfect choice for heat sensitive products such as food, perfume, and flammable liquids.

Traditional heat-shrink bands are also ideal for anti-counterfeiting and ours come in a variety of materials from compostable bio-plastic PLA to recycled content PET or rPet. We offer these in several formats to suit your manufacturing set up be it in reel fed tubing or pre-formed bands.

We are proud to work with customers of all shapes and sizes from craft producers to contract packers representing the leading UK brands and supermarket own label products.

With over 125 years’ experience in manufacturing sustainable and secure solutions you can trust Viscose to protect your product and enhance your brand.

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