VirtuHOT is the world’s highest energy density solar technology delivering zero carbon heat, affordably. It heats water up to 120 ℃ and is well suited to address drying, boiling, pasteurising, and sterilising in the F&B industry. Virtu products are easy to install and fully modular, mounted on frames in sets of five evacuated tubes. Reflectors are positioned between tubes to maximise energy capture, and the products are design to optimise outputs and deliver maximum energy with limited installation space.

Virtu delivers:
• 100% zero carbon energy
• 3.5x carbon savings compared to solar PV
• Increased financial returns
• Reduced development and project costs
• Improved building ratings
• Energy independence from volatile fossil fuel prices
• Strong brand value and enhanced ESG performance


Virtu is a complementary technology. Like all solar thermal technologies, it can be easily combined with existing heating technology, such as heat pumps. This integration is most efficient when Virtu pre-heats the system, which is then topped-up and maintained by the backup heat source. It contributes to the decarbonisation of heat and utilises existing high-efficiency heat generation assets. As a roadmap technology, Virtu enables the energy transition to low-carbon heat through distributed, renewable, zero-carbon energy generation.

Virtu can lower your cost of heat and carbon emissions when integrated with:
• Air Source and ground-source heat pumps
• Gas heating
• Electric heating
• LPG and other fuels
• Biofuels
• Hydrogen

The benefits of an integrated approach are:
• Reduced operation cost of heat pump through offsetting energy demand
• Self-sufficient, secure, free, zero-carbon energy
• Reduced reliance on the electricity grid
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