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Following a recent acquisition by DCResponse, the UPS Systems Group has grown to become a leading supplier of all standby power products, specialising in the design, supply, commissioning, maintenance/repair and installation of small, medium and large systems, incorporating UPS, Generators and ancillary systems such as air conditioning.

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, standby power continues to be key to the continuity of any business that has any kind of reliance on IT systems. An average SME can lose up to £44,000 an hour due to power outages and other disturbances.

The damage done by disruptions to power resulting in loss of data can be catastrophic. 60% of SMEs that lose their data closed down within six months of the disaster and 72% of businesses that suffer major data loss disappear within 24 months.

Whether your requirements are for short-term power to bring IT systems to a controlled shutdown, or a fully integrated standby power system to keep your business running continuously, irrespective of external power supplies, UPS Systems will deliver the right solution to support any business infrastructure. From initial consultancy to installation, commissioning and a comprehensive after-sales service, our philosophy is of complete customer support and service, managing your entire project from start to finish and removing the uncertainty from your standby power needs.

For additional peace of mind the UPS Systems remote monitoring service (REMO®) provides constant monitoring while your unit is in operation by sending a text or email to multiple addresses, the instant a problem occurs.

UPS Systems also specialise in evaluating and advising on optimising exiting standby power systems. An old or inefficient UPS system can waste your business thousands of pounds a year. An old system on average achieves only 67% efficiency against a new one with 95% efficiency. As an example a 10 kVA – 8kW UPS has an energy wastage that is the equivalent of £3,460.00 per year as opposed to a new 10kVA – 9kW which has a minimal energy wastage that is the equivalent of £375.00 per year. Switching from an old to a new UPS not only saves energy but also can have a return on investment within 2-3 years.

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