SEPURA is alive and kicking

Leading filtration specialist Bowman Stor has been mounting an ongoing campaign to help ensure customers obtain genuine  SEPURA™  replacement service kits. The campaign follows concern that some users may be buying imitation products under the impression that they are linked to Bowman’s high performance oil/water filtration systems.

“It has been brought to my attention that some customers are still unsure where to purchase SEPURA separators and replacement service kits” says Richard Potts Managing Director of Bowman Stor. “The SEPURA range and replacement service kits are readily available in the UK from our exclusive distributor; Multi Factor Europe, based in Wrexham.

The SEPURA range of products has always been manufactured by Bowman Stor, from their Walsall, UK-based production facility. The brand had previously been marketed globally by another company but around twelve months ago this agreement was terminated, allowing Bowman to take control of the brand. Since then they have appointed a worldwide network of exclusive distributors to sell the SEPURA separators, replacement service kits and third party kits.

Bowman are keen to point out that only SEPURA-branded filters contain SILEXA™ – their patented glass fibre silica media. With outlet discharges as low as 5ppm, only Bowman’s patented oil selective, hydrophobic, oleophilic media, offers this level of performance combined with excellent environmental benefits.

Sterling or Sterling Separation Ltd are not associated with Bowman Stor or the SEPURA brand of products.

Your SEPURA UK Exclusive Distributor:

Multifactor Europe Limited Rackery Lane
Wrexham LL12 0PB

T: 01978 855995

…for SEPURA Separators, Replacement Service Kits & 3rd Party SILEXA Service Kits.

With a continuous commitment to product excellence and total customer satisfaction, SEPURA’s direction is now as clear as its treated condensate.

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