Integrates into any workflow process to automate communication with stakeholders – reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving customer experience.

Boomerang’s patented messaging technology is the first to reliably match multiple outbound messages with a recipient’s response.

This enables something unique – an organization can now make its interactions with stakeholders fully automated based on the stakeholder’s response; reducing the need for manual intervention via more costly and time consuming methods.Driving automation into everyday processes helps to bring down operating costs and improve the customer experience. A contact centre for example, with agents busy fielding or making calls – repeatedly trying to reach stakeholders, represents an expensive overhead. Managing some or all of these interactions using SMS, email or even IVR messaging enhances reach, (over 98% of recipients will read an SMS message) whilst placing the stakeholder at the heart of the process. A simple response, at the stakeholder’s convenience, can trigger the next step required.

Any mobile device can now become an integral part of a business process.

Examples of simple everyday transactions that can be automated:


  • Delivery & pick up scheduling
  • Customer experience survey management
  • Marketing new services
  • Off-site asset management
  • Resource management
  • Health and safety notifications


Boomerang also powers our incident management software BoomalertTM. Boomalert can be triggered by notifications from existing network monitors to automate incident communications.

Organisations can target critical alerts at the relevant resource by automatically escalating through different messaging channels and across the required personnel.

Boomerang’s messaging technology allows an individual to receive multiple alerts, each relating to a different incident knowing that a reply will be matched to the relevant incident.

Saving time saves money during any network outage (with average downtime costing over $1000 per minute). Using Boomalert to shape the communication flow during a critical incident can save an organization thousands of dollars, by:

  • Targeting personnel to ensure those people who need to be, are notified straight away
  • Improving communication reach by escalating communication to personnel using their preferred messaging channel
  • Reducing wasted resource by notifying all stakeholders when an incident is in hand


  • Using a stakeholder’s response to automate incident processes (across multiple incidents at the same time)
  • Allowing an individual to be involved in multiple incidents simultaneously
  • Reducing failure rates against target SLAs


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