Phoenix Systems UK

Phoenix Systems UK Ltd has continued to supply extremely high-quality sub-contract manufacturing services to the electronics industry since 2002. With a long tradition of excellent service, Phoenix have sought to improve and expand their Quality Systems in accordance with the latest AS9100 rev D accreditation.
Service and attention to detail are fundamental principles that drives the company forward,offering their valued customers a quality tailored partnership that will not only meet tight budgets but adhere to set business objectives. The Phoenix rationale is to simply make their customers’ business much more competitive by combining the company’s purchasing and manufacturing expertise,and thereby delivering the highest value at the lowest total costs and of course by getting it right first time, every time.

Many CEMs today are only interested in high volume PCB assembly. Phoenix Systems will cater for clients with any volume requirement, from single figures to many thousands. All customers are treated to the same high-quality service and are offered a total manufacturing solution.

Phoenix provide a full world-wide component sourcing and kitting service for Aerospace, Defence, Transport, Automotive and Industrial applications,there by offering full traceability through an approved supplier network.

Phoenix has recognised that the future of UK electronics production is based upon service and the ability to offer quality, whilst identifying and mitigating risk. Phoenix continue to seek to be the very best provider in sub-contract manufacturing assembly, they excel by listening to their customers and by providing what is important to them as the electronics ‘landscape’ changes.

Phoenix Systems offer

1 PCB Surface Mount Assembly:

2 PCB through hole assembly,

3 Cable harnessing,and wiring services,

4 Box building,test rack assembly,control panel assembly,&full turnkey solutions,

5 Conformal coating& Potting services,

6 Prototyping,NPI solutions,

7 Strain gauging services,

8 AOI–Automatic optical Inspection,ICT Flying Probe testing,ICT bed of nails testing,

9 Vibration and ESS test chambers

10 Project management

Quality is engineered into everything Phoenix does as a company, dedicated highly trained engineers work tirelessly to ensure that all specified standards are adhered to and that customer satisfaction is constantly upheld. Consistent dedication and commitment to maintaining the highest level of workmanship provides the necessary quality and repeatability which is endemic throughout the organisation.

Phoenix have developed formal procedures that ensure quality products are delivered. Along with auditing and statistical process control, Phoenix is able,therefore to verify that established requirements are constantly met. Phoenix passionately believes that their brand of process control is the cornerstone of quality.

Phoenix Systems are AS9100 rev D approved. All company operators are trained to build to IPC Standards IPC J-STD-001 Class 2 or 3 and to inspect IAW IPC-A-610 Class 2 or 3.

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