Bespoke Stainless Steel Duplex, Triplex, Multiplex Filter Systems

Axium Process’ robust and versatile duplex,  triplex and multiplex  stainless steel filter systems are improving process efficiencies and providing substantial cost savings in respect of reduced downtime  and screen disposal costs for processors operating in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, confectionery and chemical industries.  

Engineered to cater for footprint, flow rate and dirt loading restrictions, the company’s duplex, triplex and multiplex filter options are ideally suited for applications where stage filtering is a requirement.   Customised options include support framework, sample points, drain isolation and vent valves as well as pressure gauges on the outlet and inlet to monitor performance.    The filter’s robust construction enables automatic or manual backflush facilities which can be fitted to the filter without fear of damaging the elements.

Axium’s standard range of stainless steel filters provide filtration levels from 5 micron up to 6000 micron and are available with stainless steel wedge-wire or sintered mesh screens. Manufactured in 316L stainless steel to a high specification, the filters are simple and easy to maintain, have built-in safety features and require no specialist tooling.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, Axium’s filters provide a reliable solution for critical applications such as a pre-filter for pumps or debris capture for CIP.   The Pure-Screen wedge-wire filter range is ideally suited for applications where product consistency and smoothness is essential or for powder mixing applications such as dispersing powders into suspension.  For fine particulate applications, the company has developed its Fine-Screen sintered mesh range which offers excellent strength and rigidity providing filtration levels from 5 micron up to 200 micron.

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