November webinars cover wide variety of important DAQ subjects

HBM has announced a series of free on-line webinars starting in the latter part of October and taking place throughout November. The first of the November series starts on 4th November by looking at how the mechanical stress testing of elastic materials validates finite element analysis (FEA) for material development and testing.

Engineers will learn how to perform these tests including selecting appropriate strain gauge rosettes, various modes of strain gauge connectivity, data acquisition setup, acquiring strain data and calculating principal stress. The webinar will also discuss how to determine the von Mises reference stress, class counting and sector monitoring.This is followed by five webinars on successive days. Starting on the 10th November there is a webinar on strain gauge measurements on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) that are exposed to high mechanical loads during production and mounting processes. These events can damage a board or any components mounted on it leading to failures in the field. Measuring the stresses occurring during these processes can uncover potential weak points, improve the process and improve product quality.

Jens Boersch, Product Manager Strain Gauges, will discuss the problems that can be encountered while stress-testing PCBs and how to solve them. He will review how to choose the right equipment so that any potential issues are identified and minimised by demonstrating how and where to apply strain gauges and interpret the results.

Next Rolf Mendel, Senior Project Manager, will present a webinar entitled “Simplifying Large Channel Count DAQ Systems” that explores different workflows for fast and easy configuration of these systems. Users typically want to reduce setup times and increase testing time and this webinar enables viewers to share ways of simplifying the process.

This webinar is followed the next day by an overview of integrating torque sensors into automation environments using the TIM-EC interface module. Markus Haller, Product Manager for Torque Measurement Technology, and Christian Trapp, Developer for Torque Measurement Technology, examine the advantages and features of the TIM-EC and demonstrate how to efficiently integrate torque sensors combined with the TIM-EC into existing and new automation systems.

The next webinar, on 13th November, focuses on the use of HBM’s PMX to enhance the planning, commissioning and operation of industrial test stands. Introduced by Michael Guckes, Product Manager Industrial Electronics, the webinar will look at the many factors that need to be considered when planning new test stands as requirements becoming increasingly demanding.

Test standards now demand more precise test and measurement equipment with more measurement channels and higher sample rates. Equally the complexity of testing tasks and the demands in terms of usability are increasing. The webinar looks at the principal aspects of analysing a testing task ranging from data acquisition through the automation concept and documentation utilising HBM’s PMX industrial amplifier.

Finally on the 14th November there will be a webinar focused on obtaining power measurements from wind turbine generators where the efficient operation is dependent on the energy conversion efficiency. Analysing the raw performance data can increase a generator’s efficiency that is defined as the ratio between the generators’ power output and the power consumed.

Klaus Lang, Focus Sales Manager Test and Measurement, and Dr André Schäfer, Product and Application Manager Wind Energy, will explore how to determine and increase efficiency by using torque transducers and the Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition system.

Individuals wishing to register the webinars or wanting more information can click here for details.

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