ESAB, a world leader in welding and cutting technologies, will be on stand number A116 in Hall 4 at Industrie Lyon, which takes place from 4-7 April 2017 at EUROEXPO LYON, France. ESAB will be exhibiting several products of interest to visitors seeking the latest in welding and cutting.

The main product of focus will be the Rebel EMP215iC which is a MIG/TIG/Stick welder, a 120V – 230V, CC/CV welding system, providing a true multi-process arc performance, location flexibility, lightweight portability and a ground-breaking operator interface with LCD/TFT display.  Also being featured are the Rebel EMP 235iC and EM235iC, bigger machines which hold 15kg wire.

Alongside the Rebel will be the new Sentinel Helmet; the Sentinel™ A50 high-performance automatic welding helmet has been added to ESAB’s range of welding helmets. The helmet’s radical new design incorporates ergonomic headgear and maximum adjustability to increase productivity, functionality and usability. The Sentinel A50’s high-tech features include an adjustable 5-point headgear, a 100 x 60 mm viewing area, an externally activated Grind Button, a colour touch screen control panel and a front-loading convex cover lens that comes in different colour options and changes in 10 seconds.

Also being exhibited is the new Renegade ES300i MMA (SMAW)/LiveTIG (GTAW) welder. The inverter-based MMA/TIG machine offers extreme power in a compact format: it weighs 15 kg, measures 460 x 200 x 320 mm and produces a top output of 300 amps at 40% duty cycle. Easy-to-grab front, rear and top handles give the operator maximum flexibility for lifting the machine. Operators can easily pass obstacles, climb stairs, pass through manholes and lift the unit onto racks, making Renegade an optimal welding machine for applications such as ship and offshore yards, construction, pipe, repair and maintenance and heavy fabrication.

Also being exhibited will be the MA25 Pulse supported by the AristoMig 4004i, a combination of new and enhanced components.  ESAB Welding & Cutting Products will be exhibiting a pulsed GMAW (MIG/MAG) system optimised for greater productivity and better quality when welding aluminium, stainless and carbon steel. The system includes the new, highly intuitive MA25 Pulse Panel, and the upgraded Aristo MIG 4004i Pulse power source.

ESAB offers the MA25 Pulse panel in two options: an aluminum panel with 30 pre-programmed synergic lines for aluminium wire 0,9 mm – 1,6 mm or a steel/stainless panel with 54 pre-programmed synergic lines for solid and cored wires 0,8 mm – 1,6 mm.  The MA25 control panel uses icons, push buttons and digital displays to simplify use and eliminate language barriers. The different welding programs are easy to find, set and fine-tune, which contributes to improved productivity.

To begin pulsed welding, operators select the synergic line for the type of filler wire and gas being used, and the system then provides optimum dynamic arc control. No additional process knowledge is required. The system can automatically adjust for variations in arc length (voltage) and wire feed speed, helping to maintain consistent penetration and weld bead appearance. These functions especially help less experienced or moderately skilled welders produce better results.

ESAB also upgraded its premium welding power source in the 400-amp category, the Aristo MIG 4004i Pulse, to help fabricators and manufacturers reach new levels of productivity and solve their toughest welding challenges. The Aristo MIG 4004i Pulse now incorporates quicker responding hardware and new software controls that provide better arc starts, especially with aluminium and stainless.

Also being exhibited will be a new range of gas apparatus to enhance the comprehensive range.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products is a recognised leader in the welding and cutting industry. From time-honored processes in welding and cutting to revolutionary technologies in mechanised cutting and automation, ESAB’s filler metals, equipment, and accessories bring solutions to customers around the globe. For more information, visit

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