Power Capacitors Ltd

Power Capacitors Ltd are specialists in Power Quality Products and Services, having supported our customers’ route to net zero for 50 years. Acknowledged as a market leader in the UK, our reputation for service and reliability is second to none.

Whenever & wherever electricity is generated, transmitted, or consumed, Power Capacitors Ltd has a solution available which supports the connection and increases the system efficiency with the obvious commercial and technical benefits. These include Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filters, Energy Storage Systems and both Low- and Medium-Voltage STATCOM systems.

Our supply partners are predominantly Northern European, offering the reliability and lifetime that. is expected of operationally critical power system components. Most systems are designed and manufactured at our Birmingham factory; the flexibility to offer the optimum solution maximises the benefits to our customers in every case.

Our site services team supports this with the survey, installation, maintenance and upgrade of all products covering the whole of the UK from the head office in Birmingham.

Our client base includes Blue Chip companies, Multinationals, and SMEs involved in manufacturing, processing, building, finance and healthcare – our efficiency improving products are found everywhere electrical power is required!

Whatever your project, wherever in the UK it’s located, get in touch to learn how Power Capacitors Ltd can support and accelerate your energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects.

Contact: Stephen Monkman, Area Sales Manager
M 07368 225423
T 0121 708 4511

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