0.1°C Accuracy Digital Temperature Sensor

MMS Electronics can improve product temperature accuracy with the Smartec SMT172 digital temperature sensors. The SMT172 sensor provides clinical-grade temperature measurement accuracy (0.1°C) with fast response time to temperature changes. The SMT172 is a digital ultra-low power, factory calibrated, high accuracy temperature sensor with pulse width modulated output signal. PWM output sensors have high noise immunity and high reference accuracy. The sensors are easy to interface and multiplex.

The SMT172 duty cycle output is proportional to the measured temperature. Inaccuracy of the T018 package sensor is ±0.1 ºC between -20ºC to 60ºC, ±0.25 ºC between -10ºC to 100ºC and 0.4ºC to -45ºC and +130ºC. Max temperature that can be measured with this sensor is +130ºC. Designed for supply voltage from 2.7V to 5.5V. This is the most energy efficient temperature sensor with an average current of < 60uA or 220nA based on 1 measurement per second. The ultralow power consumption of the sensor minimises the self-heating effect. Different sensor packages are available to suit the application including a 7mm stainless steel probe with cable.

Application are found in biotechnology, humidifier, dialysis, sterilizers, bioincubators, wearables, IOT, HVAC, refrigerators, freezers, clean rooms, solar panels, heat pumps, batteries, power component monitoring, environmental and medical measurements.

How is it done:

The Smartec SMT172 sensor is designed using the most recent advances in silicon temperature sensing, sophisticated IC design techniques are applied with high-precision calibration methods. The pulse width modulated output is proportional to the measured temperature value. Smartec recommends to measure 8 consecutive pulses or multiples of 8. There may be a variation between each pulse but the average is very precise and stable. Then a simple calculation of the duty cycle returns the sensor temperature. Only one input on a microprocessor is required to connect to the SMT172 sensor. No analogue circuits or analogue to digital converter is required, reducing design complexity, power consumption and cost.


The SMT172 temperature sensor is available in TO18, TO92, TO220, SOT223, SOIC naked DIE and robust stainless steel probes. The wide range of packages allows the designer to pick a sensor suited to the application. For example the surface mount SMT172-SOIC can be used on a PCB to monitor nearby component and protect from overheating or the more robust stainless steel probe can be used directly in refrigeration applications.

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