Thermography Automation Solutions 

Regardless of how diverse your task is, a thermography automation solution from InfraTec allows you to master the challenge efficiently and cost-effectively. The proven modular system, consisting of a thermographic camera, transmission, display, interface, industrial PC and software components, allows flexible adaptation to your specific requirements.

InfraTec offers you exactly the system solution that meets your requirements. Starting with a single high-end infrared camera including thermography software up to the delivery of a complex, customised thermographic automation solution, you will receive the right product for your application.

We offer a comprehensive range of more than 30 infrared camera models. Our product range comprises entry-level devices, professional and universal cameras, high-end solutions as well as industrial thermal cameras and infrared imager. The range includes the high-end camera series ImageIR®, which is developed and manufactured at the InfraTec headquarters in Dresden. For fixed installation, e.g. in harsh industrial environments, as well as for mobile use, the powerful uncooled thermographic systems VarioCAM® High Definition are suitable.

The core of the turnkey thermography automation solutions are the innovative, robust thermal imaging cameras with detector formats up to (1,920 × 1,536) IR pixels and frame rates into the kilohertz range. In conjunction with InfraTec modular hardware and software system, you receive tailored solutions for virtually all fields of industry and research.

Automated thermography solutions from InfraTec provide you with reliable knowledge about even the smallest temperature developments and distributions. Over 30 years of thermal imaging experience and more than 6,000 satisfied customers worldwide confirm InfraTec’s competence in this field.

InfraTec infrared cameras are available in the UK and Ireland exclusively from Quantum Design UK and Ireland. Discover more at

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