There’s No Room For Slip-Ups On A Roof

The Brymore Group are a successful property and estate management company. One of the many properties they own is an office block in Guildford Business Park, Surrey. They had an issue with the roof, because workers needed to access the air conditioning units to service them.

In addition, the perimeter of the roof has ManSafe clips where window cleaners could attach safety harnesses to scale down the sides of the building. The problem was that, obviously, the operatives needed to walk on the roof, which has box gutters that people walked in and, over time, the roof panels suffered damage and the protective paint became eroded.

Brymore sub-contract to Montagu Waterproofing,whoprovide a comprehensive flat roof waterproofing and roof maintenance service to property owners and facilities management companies

Montagu Waterproofing had a secret weapon in their arsenal – FibreGrid, or rather FibreGrid’s GRP Walkway System, which is both high performance and low maintenance.

Glass reinforced plastic grating has many advantages over traditional steel and aluminium, which makes it particularly pertinent to the roof of a building. It is lightweight yet tough, won’t rust and, most importantly, is anti-slip. For the record, it is fire retardant, chemical resistant and non-sparking too, which means you can use it in sensitive areas, such as facilities where flammable gases might escape.

We’ve over 40 types of grating, with many different hole sizes to suit different jobs. In this instance, the client chose 38mm holes with Buzon feet for the grating to stand on in the gullys, some of which are over 50 metres long. C clips were used for alignment and M clips for the feet. All this allows water to pass through the holes and drain away properly. 25mm holes were chosen for the “up and overs”. You can have covered grating too, but you wouldn’t want to use that where water needs to drain away, of course.

Our grating is available in yellow, green or grey as standard (though virtually any colour can be produced with an extended lead time).  On this occasion, the client chose grey.

We’re pleased to report that the client was very satisfied with our GRP Walkway System and the project has sparked interest from a major chain of stores in the UK. Fingers crossed!

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