New IR Pyrometer for the glass and steel industry

MMS Electronics Ltd is distributing a new product range from Accurate Sensor Technologies. AST is one of the world’s leading companies in non-contact temperature measurements using infra-red sensors. Product range includes single wavelength pyrometers A250, economic pyrometers E250/E450, two colour (Dual wavelength) pyrometers 450C, multi wavelength special pyrometers (AB3000/P3000), fibre optic pyrometers for high ambient temperature or electromagnetic fields A250FOPL/A450FOPL, special pyrometers for the glass industry E450G-2/AL514 and pyrometers for non-metallic surfaces like wood, plastic, paper AL30/AL390, pyrometer for OEM applications (T2-250/450 and TL8) Also black body furnaces for calibration of IR thermometers (Calsys 1500BB). Temperature measurement is an important factor for example in the glass and steel industry due to the high energy manufacturing process. Temperature measurement helps in improving the efficiency of the glass process and reduces waste. Advantages of using pyrometers are non-contact measurements, minimum or no maintenance of IR pyrometer, very fast response and high accuracy. Application notes specifically for the glass and steel industry are available from MMS Electronics.


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