Agilon’s light-guided batch picking system addresses the challenges of small parts logistics

Agilon has previously solved intralogistics challenges comprehensively, but now the Agilon team has taken picking speed to the next level without any compromises.

“Batch picking saves a lot of time because we pick many similar work orders from Agilon which often include the same components. The operators have been very pleased with this functionality, its simplicity and ease of use,” says Aleksi Laitinen, Planning & Fulfilment Specialist, at ABB.

ABB Smart Power unit in Vaasa recently deployed the batch picking feature.

Because the team picks correctly every time, inventory accuracy is always 100%

With manual picking, you get a lot of mistakes due to insufficient product knowledge and complex processes. Agilon standardizes the picking process, which speeds up the onboarding of new employees. Smooth work management makes it easy to manage changes in production plans, as Agilon does not require assistance for planning warehousing or picking. It organizes itself dynamically to meet the changing needs of production.

Automated warehousing increases the efficiency of processes by 30–70% and reduces picking time. And when picking errors no longer occur, stock balances are always accurate.

100% inventory accuracy in a warehouse with thousands of components enables timely operational purchases from suppliers.

Any challenges in changing the production layout?

Agilon is a scalable warehouse automation system that easily adapts to changes in production.

For example, increased production volumes do not necessarily require investment in completely new equipment because the existing Agilon system can be modified to increase storage capacity and picking efficiency.

Agilon frees up square meters for other purposes between 40% and 70% compared to traditional warehouse solutions. There is no need to change the picking process when there is a change in the production layout; for example, walking distances do not increase.

Agilon’s modularity is concretized when the Konecranes team arrives on site at customers’ premises to install the system. Lead time from order to delivery is usually only a few weeks, so customers can implement the change quickly.

Agilon comes with an unmatched support system

Konecranes provides extensive operational support. This means that technical support is available to customers around the clock.

“During the day, the remote support team monitors all Agilon systems. We receive an alarm in the case of any faults, more than 80% of which are dealt with remotely. In addition to Agilon’s unique technology, we have received a lot of praise for this service,” says Timo Husso, Agilon Sales Director with a smile.

Do you want to increase your warehouse transaction capacity and save up to 70% of picking time?

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Agilon makes warehouse management of thousands of components more efficient

  • Agilon is an automated warehouse for the small parts handling requirements of production, distribution logistics, and maintenance.
  • Picking efficiency is up to 500 lines per hour.
  • Easily scales to accommodate changes in production needs and layout.
  • New employees can quickly learn the light-guided and standardized picking process.
  • Technical support ensures 24/7 availability.

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