A Case in Point –24 Hour Remote Wastewater Sampling across 15 locations

Wastewater monitoring has become increasingly important in not only ensuring a producers consent compliance through automated quality checks, data logging and discharge; but in an environment where there are increasing pressures socially, ethically and financially via increased economic penalties to adhere to set limits. It is a situation where a robust process has become essential.

Producers not only need the confidence of compliance in an era of increasing fines, but also reduce and limit any impact made upon the surrounding environment. Reducing the amount produced and tracing its exact origin can be a challenging prospect.

A customer contacted North Ridge Pumps with a requirement to remotely sample wastewater 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at set intervals across 15 locations. They needed to sample dirty water where water levels were very low at times meaning pumps were susceptible to dry running, there were fluctuating inlet pressures and a possible ingress of solids including grass, twigs and mud ruling out many pump technologies.

They needed a low maintenance solution to pump at very low pressures, with a flow requirement up to 500Lhour. Due to the remoteness of testing locations, and sampling required at various hours throughout the day they wanted to remotely control pump speed via a single-phase supply, have the ability to reverse units should they become clogged and have a way of detecting if the hose required replacement.

Our customer initially trialed a unit to check that the system performed as required, before ordering an additional 14 AMP16  3/4″Peristaltic Pumps complete with single phase inverter for speed control, hose leakage detector to enable the operator to know should the only wearing part fail via their installed PLC Controller, and with a remote input for reversing of the pump should any blockages occur. The units were supplied with forced air cooling allowing a wide operating flow with pump speed varying between 4 and 105 revolutions per minute.

As the pump supplied is of roller design they are expected to experience as much as 30% reduction in unit power consumption compared to traditional designs of peristaltic pumps, extended hose life and see many years of trouble-free service with inspection and lubrication intervals as much as 12 months apart.  

If you have a wastewater treatment application and are unsure of the most appropriate solution, consult with us. As North Ridge Pumps are not tied to a specific pump technology we can select the most appropriate pump for your application.

Visit us at www.northridgepumps.com or speak to a Technical Sales Engineer on +44 (0) 1773 302 660.

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