New Product Launch: ULTRAFLO UF3300 Clamp-on flow, energy/heat and process measurement meter.

The New Micronics, ULTRAFLO UF3300 with the latest ultrasonic flow measurement technology, Hydronic Liquid Flow Energy Measurement and a comprehensive data logging facility option.

Building on its considerable experience and success with the former U3000/4000 clamp-on flow meter range Micronics has developed a New range of fixed, clamp-on, ultrasonic flow and energy/heat meters, incorporating the latest technology whilst still retaining the key feature of simple operation, to provide quick, out of the box results!

The ULTRAFLO UF3300 offers the user quick and accurate flow and energy measurement and with its easy to follow menu and simple set up, process flow, water and energy/heat measurements can be quickly available, with no need to drain-down or interrupt essential services or process lines!  And the non-invasive, installed cost is significantly lower than alternative in-line metering solutions. The range continues to bring simplicity to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow and now with the addition of hydronic liquid flow energy measurement for hot and chilled water applications. The UF3300 is a fixed, simple to use ultrasonic clamp-on flow and thermal, heat/energy meter, that uses the latest cross correlation ultrasound flow measurement system to measure flow rate and clamp-on PT100 temperature sensors to measure flow and return temperatures. The UF3300 measures energy rate and totalised energy and the Hydronic thermal energy, heat or cooling load is calculated from a combination of the flow rate and the flow and return temperature difference or delta T to comply with EN1434 section 6.

The optional integral Data Logging facility has a capacity of 100,000,000 data points and can be downloaded via USB to CSV files and export to Excel for further analysis.

Compact, rugged and reliable, the ULTRAFLO UF3300 has been designed to provide sustained performance in industrial environments with the New cross correlation flow measurement system providing improved accuracy for flow and measurement in the often challenging pipe-work associated with existing pipe-work installations.

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