Slack and Parr Limited

Slack and Parr Limited is a privately owned UK based company, established in 1917 in Kegworth, near Derby. We are a world leader in the manufacture of ultra-high precision Gear metering pumps, and In 1978 established a Hydraulic Division initially manufacturing hydraulic power packs, fuels pumps, flow meters and flow dividers.

We have modified our product range over recent years as the world markets have altered, and now concentrate solely on the high precision geared flow dividers and flow meters. Examples of the industrial applications where these can be used include lifting arms, pipe/drill clamping systems in the Oil and Gas industry,  hydraulic press/stamping, agricultural machinery, railroad track laying, waste compactors, lubrication systems – specifically on tunnel boring systems, sub-sea machinery such as pipe laying platforms, steel mills for movement of steel ingots/furnace doors, triple deck car transporter trailers and marine applications such as davits for lifting and lowering small craft, to name just a few.

A rotary gear flow divider consists of two or more gear sections connected along a common shaft. Each section of the flow divider is fed from a common inlet port and has a separate outlet port. As the gear sections are rotating on a common shaft, the rotation speed and hence the fluid displacement is identical for each section. This type of flow division gives a much higher accuracy than spool type flow dividers, which rely on pressure compensation for accuracy whereas the rotary type uses precision ground accurate clearances for efficiency.

This is where Slack and Parr’s expertise in gear design technology and high precision keeps our customers ahead of the competition. Our flow dividers are designed and manufactured with specific attention to precision ground surface finishes on gear teeth and plate faces which – in turn – produce tight clearances giving a much higher efficiency than any other comparable flow dividing technology available.

With this level of manufacturing expertise, and available rotation speeds from 750 rpm up to approximately 3000 rpm across the range, selecting a flow divider to pass the required flows ideally in the range of 1000-2000 rpm will give our customers the maximum efficiency and accuracy for any application.


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