Panduit New OptiCam® 2 Fibre Optic Termination Tool

  • Right First-Time fibre optic termination tool
  • Mobile connectivity simplifies the documentation process
  • Insertion loss immediately calculated to speed connection process

11th October 202, London, Panduit the enterprise and data centre physical infrastructure supplier announces the OptiCam 2 Termination Tool which is designed to offer 100% right first-time termination of OptiCam fibre connectors. The tool calculates insertion loss value on completion of the camming process. The red and green light indicators provide additional visual confirmation of termination. Using the OptiCam 2 tool, installer productivity increases, and time spent on the job site is reduced. Project re-work time will also be decreased; and helping contractors to improve overall profitability.

The OptiCam 2 termination tool offers a step-by-step visual guidance and insertion loss calculation to ensure the field fibre and fibre stub are in proper alignment before camming. This allows less experienced technicians to terminate fibre with confidence. A simple, ergonomic, and symmetrical design allows left or right-handed termination in both handheld and benchtop orientations.

  • LCD display – Guides the user through the termination process with simple step-by-step prompts and on-screen visuals.
  • Insertion Loss – OptiCam 2 tool provides a calculated insertion loss, ensuring installers gain confidence in the effectiveness of each termination.
  • Smartphone App – Mobile connectivity simplifies the documentation process, allowing inputs of project and installer name, as well as sequential connector numbering with date/time stamps and insertion loss values.
  • Ergonomic – Symmetrical design combined with a self-aligning, reversible connector cradle allows for left or right-handed termination in both handheld and workbench orientation.

The tool is the most technologically advanced, feature rich option for field terminated connectors in enterprise applications.

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