GEMÜ develops the world’s first Single-Use diaphragm valve

Pre-prepared Single-Use sterile production equipment that can be quickly installed and used enables Pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce fast, safe and flexible batch production. Pinch valves are often used but can sometimes damage tubing. A need for aseptic valves to use in Single-Use processes prompted GEMÜ to develop the world’s first Single-Use diaphragm valve (GEMÜ SUMONDO). The diaphragm valve body is easily connected and disconnected from the actuator. GEMÜ SUMONDO has a panel mount actuator that remains in the plant ready for the next batch with optional positioner for flow control. The body materials are cleanroom produced by GEMÜ and double bagged. When built into tubing assemblies they can be sterilized through gamma irradiation and GEMÜ SUMONDO is therefore Flowpath ready.

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