The Covert

Experience the Future of Industrial Heating Control with The Covert. Designed to revolutionize heating systems in Industrial and Commercial premises, The Covert is a cloud-based heating control system that brings simplicity, efficiency, and remote accessibility to a new level.

Industrial and Commercial heating systems often suffer from energy waste and inadequate control settings, leading to soaring costs and unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. It’s time to revolutionize your heating system with The Covert, a cloud-based control solution that offers simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and remote accessibility.

The Covert Control System provides a cost-effective solution for replacing outdated control panels, enhancing your heating system’s performance without breaking the bank. Take full control of your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint, and benefit from potential energy cost savings of up to 30%.

By allowing you to remotely access your heating system using a mobile data connection, The Covert provides convenience and peace of mind. With zone control capabilities, you can adjust parameters in different areas, ensuring optimal comfort and energy usage. The system’s tamper-proof design eliminates unauthorized changes, empowering you with complete control over your heating system.

The Covert goes beyond traditional control systems by offering an alert system for rapid reporting on plant status, event logs, and fault reporting. You can easily monitor and analyse data logging, enabling proactive maintenance and optimizing performance. With weather compensation software, The Covert intelligently adjusts the heating system based on external temperatures, improving energy efficiency and reducing costs.

The Covert Control System features multiple operating modes, allowing you to tailor your heating system’s behaviour to your specific needs.

Say goodbye to wasted energy and hello to a smarter heating solution. Discover the power of The Covert today.

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