Battery manufacturers discover the power of powder testing

Like others before them, notably the pharmaceutical sector and those pioneering the use of additive manufacturing, battery producers are discovering that there is no substitute for effective powder testing when it comes to accessing the highest levels of performance. Freeman Technology has revealed insights in to changing sales patterns that suggest that measuring and controlling bulk powder properties is increasingly recognized as essential for those pushing towards next-level consistency at an accessible manufacturing cost. Up until a few years ago sales of the FT4 Powder Rheometer to battery manufacturers were fairly limited, but they now represent a sizeable percentage of the company’s business. Crucially, multiple/repeat sales suggest use has transitioned out of R&D and into manufacture, into QA and QC, which only tends to happen when powder properties have been securely linked with important performance metrics.


In conventional battery manufacture incoming raw materials in powder form are typically dry mixed prior to formulation as a consistent slurry. Powder testing can provide battery manufacturers with unique insight into blending performance to optimize these processes, to differentiate alternative feedstocks and to achieve more robust quality assurance for incoming materials. The FT4 Powder Rheometer has an established track record of differentiating powders that perform differently but would be classified as identical on the basis of particle properties such as particle size and shape. Furthermore, trends in battery manufacturing point to growing motivation for adding powder testing to the analytical toolkit. Reducing or eliminating solvent usage, by switching to dry manufacturing techniques is a goal for many, new solid electrolyte technologies are on the horizon and even 3D printing is being considered by some.

The FT4 Powder Rheometer® is a best-in-class solution for powder testing that provides multi-faceted powder characterisation via the measurement of dynamic, shear, and bulk powder properties. Its unique capabilities allow all users to generate relevant data and underpin the widespread appeal of the instrument. Battery manufacturers are following in the footsteps of industries that already derive enormous benefit from this technology and there is every expectation that they will similarly reap cost and performance gains.

Take a closer look at what the FT4 Powder Rheometer has to offer battery manufacturers.

Freeman Technology has nearly 30 years’ experience in the field of powder characterisation. We designed and introduced the world’s only Powder Rheometer in the year 2000 and since then have focussed on the challenge of characterising powders and understanding the product development and manufacturing issues that the powder industries face on a daily basis.

Alongside the continuous development of the instruments we manufacture, Freeman Technology has invested substantially in powder research and development, and have worked with our customers across a broad range of industries to develop solutions to a diversity of powder processing challenges.


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