Mydax Is Bringing Laboratory Precision To The Industrial Market

Mydax has successfully designed, developed, and delivered three custom refrigeration chillers that utilize ultra-precision temperature control to Lyncean Technologies, Inc.

Lyncean Technologies, in Palo Alto, CA, developed the technology for a new local synchrotron X-ray source based on research at the SLAC National Laboratory and Stanford University. By using laser pulses to collide with accelerated electrons, the CLS (Compact Light Source) is a new breed of X-ray generating source that reduces the size of synchrotron equipment from tens of thousands of square feet to the size of a small conference room.Temperature stability is critical for high power RF components such as accelerator structures where even the slightest shift due to temperature expansion/contraction can affect the performance of the overall device. Mydax met this challenge by designing and manufacturing three chiller systems capable of providing up to 66 kW of cooling while holding the heat transfer fluid temperature to within ±0.05°C about set-point.

Mydax 3MP28W1 Chiller

Two chillers, model 3MP28W1, were each comprised of three independent recirculating loops. Two of these loops were capable of cooling or heating 2 kW at 20°C, while the third loop was capable of cooling or heating 4 kW at 20°C. All three loops had independent temperature set-point functionality between +14°C and +50°C, and maintained fluid temperatures to within ±0.05°C about set-point.

Mydax 1MP222W2 Chiller

One chiller, model 1MP222W2, was capable of cooling 66 kW at 20°C. Utilizing a 25 horsepower compressor and recirculating heat transfer fluid at a flow rate of 110 GPM while under load, the chiller maintained fluid temperatures to within ±0.05°C about set-point.

Like all Mydax chillers, these systems incorporated fully welded, powder coated steel frames for durability, as well as stainless steel reservoirs and brazed plate heat exchangers for leak free performance. Reliable operation was also ensured with prejudice component selection and rigorous testing procedures. Furthermore, with the final installation located in Germany, and having experience building chiller systems for international customers, additional steps were taken to achieve compliancy with European Safety Directives for CE marking.

This level of temperature precision, coupled with this much cooling power, is unheard of in the chiller industry. Until now, ±0.05°C temperature stability could only be found in small, table top, bath chillers. Mydax has developed proprietary control algorithms in its new Opdax Controller, which utilizes a high resolution 5.7” color touchscreen display for ease of use by the operator. This has opened the door for unprecedented temperature set-point tolerances for all sorts of cooling applications. Now design engineers do not have to sacrifice cooling power for temperature stability; Mydax is bringing laboratory precision to the industrial market.

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