TF Automation build laser marker for medical devices

TF Automation have just completed the build of a repeat machine of one produced some 15 years ago for Intersurgical’s plant in Lithuania. Intersurgical is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high-quality medical devices for respiratory support.

TF Automation revisited the original design and have basically produced the same machine using the latest technology to laser mark the manufacturer’s logo and product reference on their Hydroguard Mini medical oxygen filters.

The filters are autoloaded by robot onto a step-feed conveyor and into the Gravograph Laser Marker which marks both sides of the filter simultaneously with the two pieces of information. The feed-in and output are both to pre-determined amounts, with a filter being laser marked every 5.3 seconds.

The new machine was required because of an increase in demand for these types of products in relation to the COVID pandemic.  TF Automation worked effectively and quickly with the team at Intersurgical and were able to re-create the existing machine, which incidentally is still in use to support the demand.

Intersurgical provide flexible patient solutions for airway management, anaesthesia, critical care and oxygen & aerosol therapy, for use within emergency care, hospitals and also in the home. They adopt an integrated approach to provide the highest standards in design, manufacture, quality and customer care allowing them to respond quickly and effectively to their customers.

Tony Hubbert, MD at TF Automation, comments, “We were delighted to build a second laser marker for Intersurgical and also that our original machine is still working well! We are seeing an increase in projects incorporating laser marking for general part identification but also for more specific tracking and traceability requirements too.”

This project is available to view on our newly revamped website along with many other projects we have delivered across numerous industry sectors. The new website highlights TF Automation’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities and expertise with the focus on applications across a wide range of disciplines using the latest technology.

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