From Investment to Delivery we are Constantly Adapting

Here at Accurate Laser Cutting (SJS) Ltd, our sole focus is on providing, and constantly improving, the very highest level of service to our customers. Our success is measured by keeping ‘returning customers’ as high as you can mathematically get. In this article, we will focus upon the complete process from investment in new machinery, through installation and factory layout reconfiguration, to completion and delivery of new parts to our customers.

We recently invested heavily in yet another laser-cutting machine to compliment our existing machines and powerful 3D programming software. This investment allowed us to increase our output and speed up our turnaround. Some may say we are already known for our quick turnaround of orders, but our ethos is “for as long as there is room for improvement, we will continue to strive to improve”. Standing still is just not our style. The following images show the new laser being delivered and fixed in its final resting place.

The new laser wasn’t just dropped in any available space in our factory. As well as installing the new machine, we spent time and money reconfiguring our factory layout, to ensure the smoothest and most efficient flow of parts through the entire site. The images also show our team reconfiguring the factory, no easy task, but well worth the effort in the long run.

We select our equipment carefully to enable us to provide our customers with the very broadest possible range of options to ensure we can meet all of their needs. Not only do we meet their needs, we invariably exceed their expectations with the highest quality finish, even on the most complex of components. The two images below illustrate this beautifully. It is extremely difficult to get clean, consistent bends on very long components. Here you can see the high quality bends on these 3 metre long galvanised steel sections.

Our investment in equipment is also followed up by investment in people. We have increased our staff levels by over 35% since the turn of the year, with more staff coming on stream over the next couple of months.

Software also plays a massive role in our success. Every year we make sure our systems are as upto date and robust as they can be, with new Production Planning software now enabling us to plan and monitor the shop floor loading to an extent never seen before at Accurate Laser (SJS).

Thick-end plate cutting is enhanced even more with new fibre laser cutting techniques. In the past, performance and finish were reduced the thicker the material. With todays technology, smaller holes can be cut in thicker plate, and superior edge quality can be achieved so reducing the need to add more cost to the finishing process.


And finally, once all of your components are complete, where possible, we deliver them for free. The image below shows the latest addition to our fleet of delivery vehicles.

So, when you come to Accurate Laser Cutting (SJS) Ltd, you are guaranteed that we will have the latest machinery, in the optimum configuration, to meet all of your needs no matter how large or small, to the highest quality, and in double quick time. In addition, once your components are ready, we will deliver them to your door. You quite literally can’t get a better service than that.

At Accurate Laser (SJS) we’re proud to now be both ISO 9001-2015 and BS EN 1090 approved. Two quality accreditations we feel truly represent our focus on customer service and supply chain security.                          

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