E-Spray: Electrostatic Hygienization Technology

Disinfect efficiently and effectively across all high touch point areas. Germs and bacteria are quick to spread and settle in tight corners and hidden spots. The E-Spray electrostatically charged spray can reach the entire target area evenly sanitizing every part including those hidden spots. It is light and comfortable, powered by a lithium battery, allowing you to carry out sanitization for several hours without being restricted by a cable.

Available Online: Comac E-Spray



Automatic Hand Sanitiser Stand

Making hand sanitisers available in the right places and at the necessary time is an effective way to communicate that you care about people’s health. Hands free! The distribution of the hand sanitising gel is automatically activated by a sensor which allows an easy and intuitive use. The column has been designed with integrated brackets that allow it to be wall mounted or freestanding, making it possible to have a hand sanitising station in any location.

Available online: Comac Hand Sanitiser Stand

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