SUREBAND Safety Spray Shields – Controlling Spray Out From Pipe Joints

Flanges are the most common application for safety shields. Even at relatively low pipeline pressures, a small leak path from a flange joint will result in a spray that can travel some distance. Safety shields are designed to control the release and stop spray and any mist formation. Many high-profile incidents and accidents have occurred around the world, specifically caused by flange leaks.

SUREBAND safety shields are designed with simplicity in mind, to advance safety shield technology and to improve upon the original ‘bag’ style shield.

Available either in all polymer PTFE/ECTFE (for corrosive applications) or all 316 stainless steel (for high pressure & temperature applications), SUREBAND safety shields comprise an outer band with specially formulated, multi-layered internal mesh.

The multi-layered mesh, held tight against the flange, forms the basis of the Pressure Diffusion Technology (PDT). The result is a self-draining, incredibly effective way of preventing spray-outs (side or lateral) and mist formation.

SUREBAND safety shields are fitted and removed in seconds, with no pull-cords or special tools required and their clever Multi-Size system means one shield fits multiple flange sizes, eliminating fitting errors.

FLANGEGUARDS are a modern and forward-thinking manufacturer of pipe spray safety shields with over twenty-five years’ experience in this market. They understand the safety shields market intimately and their knowledge of end-user requirement coupled with their extensive product knowledge and expertise, drives them to give a spray shield that is fit for purpose.

Their range of Flange Guards are manufactured in-house, at their UK production plant. All shield designs are tested on their own Pressure Test Facility to ensure spray and mist prevention, the results can be viewed on their website.

FLANGEGUARDS are ISO9001:2015 accredited for both manufacture and design. The design element is critically important to ensure the shields are fit for purpose. They hold TYPE approval for marine SOLAS applications.

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