Your Responses are Required

Below you will find a summary of the defects and risk assessments that have been assigned to you by another user. Please acknowledge them by using the link to view in browser in the first instance If you think an issue has been assigned to you in error you can disavow (remove) it.

*NEW* You can use RiskMach CMMS to breakdown or group your actions and responses to these issues in to work orders

  1. Acknoweldgement (recognise or disavow)
  2. Confirm action to be taken (or revise)
  3. Estimated Labour/parts cost
  4. Estimated completion date
  5. Submission
  6. Review (by another user)

You can use the RiskMach Survey App to complete these inspections. In the app you will find the inspections below are listed available for you to start. Where more than one person has been assigned you share a device or work separately. RiskMach will combine your work so long as you start the compliance activity from that scheduled.

If you have any questions regarding these assignments or how to get started please contact your company administrator (Paul Bradbury).


Many thanks

RiskMach Team

0843 289 6160

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